Watercolor Curtains

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11275995 Picture of Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit  
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Jennifer Priest
  • Jennifer Priest
  • In the beginning, there was jewelry, beading, sewing, home decor, painting, basket weaving, pottery and cross-stitch. Coming from a family of crafters, creators and artists, there was no escaping creativity in some form. Marry that to an entreprenuerial spirit, and well, at 9 years old a girl might be selling her wares at craft fairs as far as her parents and grandparents would drive her. After a stint in the Army as an Arabic Linguist, this mom-to-be picked up a mail order scrapbooking kit to document her daughter’s life. A friend took Jennifer to a Scrapbook Expo in 2003 where she was bit by the scrapbooking bug, and she had it bad!


    After traveling and teaching scrapbooking classes for four years, Jennifer started an etsy shop in 2007 to sell excess supplies, class kits and samples. Everyone had advice to share, including starting a blog, joining Facebook and creating an online brand for “what Jennifer does.” As someone who was slow to embrace email and jump on the “interwebs” phenomenon, it was quite a leap for Jennifer to start muddling around online! Now she can’t imagine life without the internet.


    While attending a scrapbooking event presented by Scrapbook Royalty (now Charity Wings), Jennifer carpooled with several other crafters to local hot spot, Pink Pineapple Scrapbooks. On the way to the shop, they joked about the then recent trend in quirky brand names … from Pink Pineapple to Pink Paislee to Label Tulip, it seemed everyone was smashing up random words and calling it a “brand.” As they tossed around silly, potential future business names, Jennifer blurted out “Hydrangea Hippo,” and the rest, is history!


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