Summer Fun Week 2: Lounge at the Beach with Crab Cups

Are you taking a beach vacation this summer? These crafty critters can take the journey down to the shore with you. Andrea Atwood shows us how.


Project Steps:

1. Prepare your cups by cutting off about an inch and a half off the top. Paint the outside of the cups (might require 2 coats).

2. Cut a beige colored pipe cleaner into 5 equal pieces for the crabs' eyes. Repeat with another pipe cleaner for a total of 10 pieces (enough for 5 crabs). Add a dab of white craft glue to the tip of each pipe cleaner piece to attach a googly eye. Set aside to dry.

3. For the crab forearm claws, cut a pipe cleaner in half. Bend one piece in half. Starting at the bend, twist the pipe cleaner together, leaving the last 3/4-inch open. Bend those two open pieces into a curve to create the claw. Repeat with the other pipe cleaner half. You will get 2 forearm claws from 1 pipe cleaner.

4. For the crab legs, cut 2 more pipe cleaners into 6 equal pieces. You will get 3 pieces from 1 pipe cleaner. Bend the pieces in three places (like the picture) into an S-shape.

5. Use a toothpick to poke 2 holes in the front of the cup and insert the forearm claws. Secure with white glue. Poke 3 more holes in each side of the cup. On each side you will insert the legs, one pointing forward, and the other two poining backward. Secure with white glue.

6. At the top of the cup, directly above the front claw arms, poke 2 holes for the eyes. Add a dab of glue atop the holes and insert the pipe cleaner eyes (with googly eyes on top).

7. Let everything dry before displaying.

Materials Used:

Styrofoam cups

Americana acrylic paints

Pipe cleaners (to match paint colors)

Googly eyes

White craft glue

Paint brushes



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