Mickey-Inspired Autograph Book

Are you headed to Disney or concerts this year? Kids will want a handy autograph book to get signatures from all of their favorites! Andrea Atwater shows us how to make this adorable keepsake they'll want to keep forever.

Project steps:

1) Use masking or painters tape to mask off just over a half of the bottom of the book cover. Wrap the tape around to the insides of the covers and go all the way around the book. Make sure the tape is stuck to the cover all the way in so there's no bleeding through or leaking in the spine area.


2) Use a foam brush to paint the bottom half of the book red. It will take many light coats, but the paint dries fast. I used a blow dryer a bit to speed up the process. You won't see the lines that show in the painting steps. Just make sure you are even spreading the paint.


3) Let the red paint dry enough to pull the tape off. Then make sure you give the red a lot more to dry time or let the hair dryer help this. You will need to put another strip of tape over the red, so if it's not dry, you will pull off chips of the paint.

4) If you are using a white book, paint the top of the cover black and let dry also. You may need to touch up and bleeding, so be sure to have a nice fine brush.


5) Hot glue the buttons right on the cover as you can see. 

Materials used: 

Small sketchbook with white cover (if you can find a black book, that's fine, but it takes more paint to cover).

Red acrylic paint

Black acrylic paint

White buttons


Masking tape

Clear sealer

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