How to Stencil a Wall

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134022 Picture of Bulb Handle Brush-Stencil Brush Bulb Handle Brush-Stencil Brush $3.99 $3.99
134762 Picture of Stencil Brush-5/8" Diameter Stencil Brush-5/8" Diameter $4.29 $4.29
135122 Picture of Folkart Painting Stencils 8.5"X10"-Square Revival Folkart Painting Stencils 8.5"X10"-Square Revival $6.19 $6.19
135120 Picture of Folkart Painting Stencils 8.5"X10"-Chevron Folkart Painting Stencils 8.5"X10"-Chevron $6.19 $6.19
Ed Roth
  • Ed Roth
  • Ed Roth is a designer and artist who lives in Brooklyn, NY. Ed founded the business Stencil1 in 2004 after running an art gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Ed is the author of several books published by Chronicle Books: Stencil 101, Stencil 101 Decor, Stencil 201, Stencil 101 Stationery, and Stencil Style 101. His iconic stencil illustrations have been used and praised by many including Martha Stewart, and The New York Times. While Ed runs Stencil1 he also consults with design companies and ad agencies on creating custom stencils for large brands such as the Gap and also advises on strategic guerrilla marketing. He has also done large scale stencil installations for the Ace Hotel NYC and Benjamin Moore headquarters. More projects with Chronicle Books are in the works as well as licensing of designs to home goods companies.

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  • Bulb Handle Brush-Stencil Brush
  • Stencil Brush-5/8" Diameter
  • Folkart Painting Stencils 8.5"X10"-Square Revival
  • Folkart Painting Stencils 8.5"X10"-Chevron