Elegant Halloween Wreath

Andrea Atwater creates a wreath made specially for Halloween using a foam wreath and some ribbon!

Supplies Needed:

Project Steps:

1. Cut your ribbon into 16-20 pieces that are each 20-inches long, and one 24"-30" for the hanging ribbon.

2. Tie one piece of the 20-inch ribbon in a messy knot around the wreath form by folding over twice for the knot.

3. Continue this until you've tied all pieces of ribbon, pushing them close together in between. I added the glitter sheer ribbon for some extra glam.

4. I like the wreath full, so if you want to add more pieces, tie more in.

5. Cut any frayed pieces and even out the wreath by trimming any edges.

6. Tie around the wreath with the long piece of both ribbons to hang.


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210095 Picture of Styrofoam Wreath 5.875"X1.1875" 1/Pkg-White Styrofoam Wreath 5.875"X1.1875" 1/Pkg-White $3.29 $3.29
284439 Picture of Grosgrain Ribbon .375"X18'-Black Grosgrain Ribbon .375"X18'-Black $2.49 $2.49
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Andrea Atwater
  • Andrea Atwater
  • Andrea Atwater brings her expertise with Craft Attitude film to life with her unlimited creativity. Her portfolio is chockfull of DIY home accent projects, crafts for kids and many thoughtful gift ideas. When Andrea was first introduced to Craft Attitude film, it was all about custom shoe designs. That concept won the CHA 2012 Best Innovative Idea. Today, Andrea continues to make inspired Craft Attitude projects as well as many other fun crafts using a wide variety of materials that can be found right here on

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  • Styrofoam Wreath 5.875"X1.1875" 1/Pkg-White
  • Grosgrain Ribbon .375"X18'-Black
  • Solid Large Glitter Ribbon .625"X3yd-Slate
  • All-Purpose Scissors 8"-