Citrus Starfish Bracelet



Project Steps:

1. Following the manufacturer instructions add 7 warp threads to loom. 
Note: the space between the warps will be determined by the size of the beads. To determine this simply hold the bead up to the grooves and eyeball how many grooves to skip. When using Size 8/0 Seed beads skip one groove. For the 3mm round crystal beads, I skipped 2 grooves between each warped thread. 
‚ÄčNote: you will always have one more warp thread than beads being used. In this case there are 7 warps and 6 beads. 

2. Pick up 6 alternating orange and yellow crystals on needle. Follow instructions and begin weaving beads into warped threads, alternating colors every other row, until 15 rows are completed.
Note: Make sure to center 15 rows of beads in middle of loom so that you end up with equal amounts of threads at each end. 

3. Carefully remove piece from loom and place on beading mat. 
Tie one small starfish sea glass bead to each end of woven beads using the excess warp threads. 

4. Add 7 frosted orange beads to each set of strands extending from starfish. You will have a total of 14 beads on each end of bracelet. 

5. Tie toggle clasp at end of orange beads.

6. Cut a piece of thread approximately 16 inches long. Insert needle and thread 3 rows back from center of bracelet and weave towards middle. With needle and thread on top of bracelet pick up starfish and string through shank/hole. Depending on weight of decorative element string thread a few times through shank/hole. Weave needle and thread back up to secure ends. You can weave back and forth a few times to make sure that element is nice and secure on top of bracelet. 

7. Use G-S Hypo Cement for added security to any knots and to ends of bracelet closure.


Additional Products Not Listed:

Connie Crystal Beads ( 45 each 3mm pale yellow, 45 each pale orange crystals, 2 small orange sea glass starfish, 1 large yellow sea glass starfish, 28 each 5mm frosted orange sea glass beads, Beadalon Jewel Loom by Julianna C Hudgins (, Beading mat, Adhesive G-S Hypo Cement

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Cindi Bisson
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  • Nymo Thread .20X72yd-White
  • Martha Stewart Heavy-Duty Titanium Scissors 8"-
  • Jewelry Basics Metal Findings 8 Sets/Pkg-Gold Closure Pack