Burlap Wreath

Beautiful burlap wreath crafted by Andrea Atwater!

Project Steps:

1. Start by cutting a 2 inch strip of burlap and wrap it around the wreath form, hot gluing as you go so it stays in place

2. Next, you will need to cut burlap squares (mine are 4.5" because I love my wreath super full and I used 2 colors) You will need a lot of these squares, so get cutting! I promise it will look better than the rest, since it will be really thick and full

3. Fold the burlap twice as you see here

4. You can use the floral pins or you can dab your glue gun on the end and push it in with a screwdriver

5. Rotate your light and dark burlap in sections around the wreath. I think it looks much prettier in 2 colors

6. Pull some of the burlap strings as you see in the picture for a nice textured look


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Andrea Atwater
  • Andrea Atwater
  • Andrea Atwater brings her expertise with Craft Attitude film to life with her unlimited creativity. Her portfolio is chockfull of DIY home accent projects, crafts for kids and many thoughtful gift ideas. When Andrea was first introduced to Craft Attitude film, it was all about custom shoe designs. That concept won the CHA 2012 Best Innovative Idea. Today, Andrea continues to make inspired Craft Attitude projects as well as many other fun crafts using a wide variety of materials that can be found right here on

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  • Burlap Fringe 1yd/Pkg-Ivory
  • Burlap Fringe 1yd/Pkg-Natural
  • Styrofoam Wreath 12"X1.25" 1/Pkg-White
  • Floral Pins 1.75" 100/Pkg-
  • Low-Temp Glue Gun-White
  • Glue Gun Pad 8"X8"-
  • Lightweight Craft Scissors 5"-