4 Tips for Keeping Your Artificial Flowers Looking Fresh

Artificial flowers can really brighten up a room and are a quick way to switch out your seasonal décor. Although they last longer than fresh flowers, silk and plastic varieties love dust bunnies, don’t they? Dirt and dust will dull the vibrancy of the florals, which will trap allergens, too. Yuck. Luckily, we pulled together some cleaning tips to keep your bouquets, topiaries and wreaths from looking drab.

silk flowers

If you can remove the flowers from their container:

Try giving them a shake with coarse salt in either a large brown paper bag (for large bunches) or plastic bag (for more delicate flowers). Add some coarse salt — a few teaspoons to as much as a cup, depending on how many flowers you have — to the bag and place the flowers inside. Roll the bag opening and hold it closed with your hand as you gently shake the flowers with the salt. The salt will help to remove the dust from the flowers. As you take the flowers from the bag, continue to give them a little shake to get rid of any remaining salt.

If they need to stay in their container:

Secure a piece of pantyhose over the end of your vacuum cleaner’s detachable hose and turn the vacuum on its lowest setting and run the tip of the hose over the flowers. The pantyhose will stop the vacuum from sucking the petals up, but the dust won’t stand a chance.

If they’re washable:

Try spritzing the plants with a mixture of equal amounts of distilled vinegar and water, and then let them air dry. Or you can also swish them in cold sudsy water (hot water may loosen the flowers’ glue). Rinse them gently and pat with dry paper towels. Hearty silk flowers can withstand a sink bath like this, but avoid this on very delicate varieties.

If you’ve got fragile florals:

Give the plants a light once-over with a feather duster or try spraying them with “air-in-a-can,” which is just compressed air that works like an aerosol. This is also effective for removing dirt and dust from your computer keyboard, too.

3 Ways to Hang a Wreath Without a Nail

Tis the season ... for hanging wreaths! Whether it's a fall-inspired wreath or cheerful holiday door décor, you'll want to be sure to hang your wreath with style — and without poking a large nail hole in your front door. Here are three easy ways to display your seasonal wreaths, without the need for a hammer and nails.

Hang on to it. For heavy wreaths, you'll want to opt for an over-the-door hanger like this one. It's white, painted metal, so it will blend nicely over a white door and be able to handle a large or heavy wreath.

over the door hanger

Feeling magnetic. If you've got a glass or metal door, this magnetic wreath hanger is a great option. It holds up to 8 pounds, and is also a great option for garland or signs of almost any kind.

magnetic wreath hanger

Tie one on. If you've got a light-weight wreath and like the look of a ribbon hanger, simply loop the ribbon around the top of the wreath and use thumb tacks to secure the ribbon in place on the top edge of the door. This works well with extra tall doors that are too long for standard over-the-door wreath hangers.

Hope you're inspired to add a pretty piece to your doorway!

Kids Corner: Easy Apple-Stamped Tote Bag

Apple season is underway for much of the country, and to celebrate, here's a cute and easy project to do with the kids. You'll want to help to cut the apple, but they'll have a blast painting and "stamping" the apple image on their very own tote.

 apple tote finished

1. Start by cutting the apple in half and remove the seeds.

2. Pat the apple half on a paper towel so the paint will adhere. 

3. Pour some paint on a plate and use a brush or sponge to generously apply it to the apple half.

 apple tote paint

4. Flip the apple cut side down and press firmly on the tote. Wiggle it a bit as you press the apple to the bag, but try not to let the apple slide around. 

apple tote 4

5. Remove the apple half slowly to reveal the stamp design on the bag.

6. Allow the paint to dry for a few hours. If needed, repeat the process again. You may want to draw a little stem on the bag.

7. Fill the bag with healthy treats or apples and add a fall ribbon on the handle to top off the project.

Here are the supplies you'll need: 

apple tote supplies

tote bag


paints (mix it up if you're doing a school project with reds or even sparkle)

paint brush or sponge brush

paper plate


ribbon in fall colors

The HSN Show Special

Our very own Andrea Atwater appeared on HSN today to offer an exclusive pack available only though HSN.

The HSN Craft Attitude Printable, Removable Film Kit

Take your custom craft projects to a whole new level. Print photos, logos, images and more on these films, then apply them to just about any surface for a customized look.

What You Get

  • (8) 8-1/2" x 11" sheets Craft Attitude film
  • (3) 8-1/2" x 11" sheets Tech Attitude fabric
  • Instructional DVD
  • Instructions


  • Personalize with ease right on your own inkjet printer
  • Take your custom craft projects to a whole new level

Craft Attitude film

  • Apply photos, images, logos and more to almost any surface
  • Takes on the texture of the surface and "grabs on" like skin
  • Beautiful, sharp print quality
  • Removable

Tech Attitude fabric

  • Printable, fabric-texture sheets
  • Adhesive backing does not leave any residue so you can swap, switch, peel and replace
  • Great for decorating your phone or other electronic devices

Made in USA