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Bring Out Spring Colors with a Cheerful Wreath

Andrea Atwater has created a beautiful Spring-inspired wreath that you can make at home, as well. Be sure to check out all the hanging options in our blog: 3 Ways to Hang a Wreath Without a Nail. You may also be interested in: 4 Tips for Keeping Your Artificial Flowers Looking Fresh.


Project How-to:

Step 1: Paint your styrafoam wreath yellow so you don't see the white styrafoam.

Step 2: After the wreath is dry, take the mesh ribbons and cut them into 6-inch lengths.

Step 3: Gather the ends around 1" up and twist the 3 colors together. Twist tie with the wire and make a stem.


Step 4: Start working your way around the wreath sticking the ribbon groups in until you think the wreath is full enough.

Step 5: Cut the silk flower stems to about 3-4". Stick them in the wreath as you design. Add as many flowers until you think it's full enough.


Step 6: Add a ribbon at the top for hanging.

Enjoy Spring!

Materials Needed

12-inch Styrofoam wreath

Yellow paint

4-inch Mesh ribbon

Coated wire

Spring Silk flowers

Satin ribbon (for hanging)