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How to Make Those Cool Shoes from the CHA Show

The Craft Attitude shoes were such a big hit at the Craft & Hobby Mega Show this past weekend that we thought we'd post a quick how-to tutorial.

Here's how Andrea Atwater created these one-of-a-kind shoe showstoppers:

1) Size and print your image to fit the area you would like on the shoe area. (reverse print if there is any text)

2) Print in best quality / glossy photo preference.

3) Apply glue to the area on the shoe and rub it in the canvas generously but without clumps.

4) Flip the image and apply over the glue on the shoe and rub the film. You will be able to pull up and reposition the image on canvas, but you will need to do it quickly so the bright colors don't stain on the shoe.

5) Trim the area around the image with a cutting tool. Don't worry about cutting the shoe. The film is very thin and you only need light pressure to cut. TIP: Use a sharp knife so there is no tearing.

6) Rub the film in again for a nice grab on to the shoe. The film will dry tighter. 

Materials Needed:

- Pair of light colored shoes. I used bright yellow Vans but a white or cream pair would be fine also. The film is clear, so the image need to show through.

Craft Attitude printable film

Glue stick

Cutting tool