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Kids Corner: Easy Apple-Stamped Tote Bag

Apple season is underway for much of the country, and to celebrate, here's a cute and easy project to do with the kids. You'll want to help to cut the apple, but they'll have a blast painting and "stamping" the apple image on their very own tote.

 apple tote finished

1. Start by cutting the apple in half and remove the seeds.

2. Pat the apple half on a paper towel so the paint will adhere. 

3. Pour some paint on a plate and use a brush or sponge to generously apply it to the apple half.

 apple tote paint

4. Flip the apple cut side down and press firmly on the tote. Wiggle it a bit as you press the apple to the bag, but try not to let the apple slide around. 

apple tote 4

5. Remove the apple half slowly to reveal the stamp design on the bag.

6. Allow the paint to dry for a few hours. If needed, repeat the process again. You may want to draw a little stem on the bag.

7. Fill the bag with healthy treats or apples and add a fall ribbon on the handle to top off the project.

Here are the supplies you'll need: 

apple tote supplies

tote bag


paints (mix it up if you're doing a school project with reds or even sparkle)

paint brush or sponge brush

paper plate


ribbon in fall colors