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You Won't Strike Out with These Father's Day Gifts

For the dad who loves sports, here's a fun way to customize baseballs with sayings or photos printed on Craft Attitude film. This application works great on new baseballs or used ones for a more antique look. 

Product steps:

  1. Print your image to size. It the image contains words, print it in reverse
  2. Apply plenty of glue with a gluestick to the ball and rub it in
  3. Place your image print side down and apply to the glue on the ball (you will need to pull the edges of the film since it’s a curved surface)
  4. Trim with a cutting knife
  5. Rub out any wrinkles

If you'd like to give Dad the ultimate compliment, download this free printable. You can add a child's name before printing in referse. 

You can use the same process to decorate a clipboard or nearly any other surface.