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Kids Corner: Paper Muffin Flower Pop

Here's a sweet Valentine's Day idea to do with the kiddos.

1) Fold four paper baking cups into half and lay two out flat.

2) Punch a hole 1/4 inch from the edge on the four folded papers. Fold the other two papers in half and punch off the edge to make a hole in the center of the baking cup (see below), unfold the two with center holes.

3) Place four folded papers onto sucker stick, overlapping 1/4 of the baking cup each time a paper is added. Then place two open papers.

4) For the leaves, lay out two pieces of green masking tape about 7 inches long, sticky side facing up. Place a piece of wire in the center of one piece. Put sticky sides together with wire sandwiched in the middle. Cut a leaf shape at each end with 1 inch trimmed in the middle (see below). Twist leaves underneath paper baking cups.

Materials used:

Green masking tape
Regular hole punch
Paper baking cups (6 for each flower)
Tootsie Roll Pops or Dum Dum Suckers

Mixed Media Monday: Valentine's Inspiration

Looking for some inspiration for your Valentine's cards? Our Anne Grbic created this adorable piece using Craft Attitude, doilies, red paper and gold textured paper, ribbon and some flowers.

She printed the fairy, a free printable from, and all the words including "LOVE" on the plastic heart on Craft Attitude and glued them to the different surfaces. She punched the little hearts from gold and red foil paper and glued them down.  The gold rays are recycled from an old Christmas decoration. 

Click on these items for more information:


Congrats to Our #ShowYourAttitude Winners!

In December, we asked our social media followers to post pictures of the crafts they were working on this holiday season. We got a tremendous response! We were so thrilled with all the entries that we've added even more prizes. 

Everyone who posted a photo got a chance to win the top prize: a $150 gift certificate from the super store, which is chockful of everything you need like basic craft supplies, knitting and sewing needs, paints, jewelry-making goodies, paper crafts and much more. The winner of this prize is none other than Dora LeAnne Clements Neely! Congrats, Dora! Here is one of the adorable projects Dora posted:

We've decided to add two more winners, who will receive $25 gift certificates to the super store. They are Kim Schinkal Mitchusson and Pretzels and Punch blog. Congrats to you both! Kim made these embellished mason jars:

And Pretzels and Punch made some rolled roses and blinged them out to create a glamorous Old Hollywood tree:

Here are a few more images from some of the great projects our followers shared with our crafting community. Thanks to everyone for participating!


#tbt: Remember These Sweet Dolls?

We got all nostalgic when we came across the girl. Inspired. blog featuring how-to steps and patterns for these adorable dolls. So we just had to share. Check out the blog here.

Here are the materials you'll need to make one for your daughter, grand-daughter or even for yourself:

Brown yarn

Yellow yarn

Assorted felt fabric

Assorted cotton fabric sheets

Fiberfil stuffing

Colored pencils

DIY Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Remember these? Pick pine cones off the ground or buy packaged pine cones, some glue and a variety of mini pom poms, and you're ready to go! A great throwback idea for today's kids to make.

Materials needed:

Pine cones

Pom poms


Cupcake + Mason Jar = The Perfect Gift

If there are two things we all love these days, they are cupcakes and mason jars. So why not put the two together? Whether you buy or bake the cupcake yourself, simply place it on the inside of a jar lid and, holding the jar upside down, carefully slide it over the cupcake and twist the jar into the lid. And viola! Instant gift that anyone will love. And the recipient can reuse the jar, too. Double the love!

If you're looking for the perfect-sized mason jar with a wide-mouth lid, we have this one available in our store, sold in packs of four:

And if you're looking for some new recipes and inspiration, here's a book to try, too:

Organize Your Crafting Clutter!

Do you or someone you love have a craft and hobby clutter problem? We certainly understand. The worst issue, other than looking messy, is not being able to find what you need when you need it. Here are a few tips for keeping your clutter under control:

Think singularly. If your issue is that you have stuff spread out everywhere, dedicate a single space for craft supplies. Or if you're into multiple crafts, dedicate one area for each hobby. For instance, one cabinet for painting supplies, one drawer for stitching kits and one shelf for jewelry making ... you get the picture.

Use your wall space. A peg board and simple shelving will go a long way to utlize otherwise blank walls. An oversized bulletin board can serve as an inspiration board. 

"See through" the clutter. Consider clear, stackable storage boxes to pack away craft items of all sorts. The clear plastic makes finding your favorite ribbon or fabric much easier. We like this "Stow & Go" Storage Bin that you can pack away or take along with you:

Everything in its place. Save egg cartons, glass jars and other containers you might otherwise toss out as handy ways to keep track of tiny craft embellishments, buttons, sequins and the like. You can even take an old muffin tin, paint it a cute color, and use it to separate beads, jump rings and clasps. This bead organizer with individual screw-top lids is a lifesaver:

Nothing scrappy about this tote. How cute is this scrapbook organizer? There's a dedicated space for every pen, scissors, stamp and scrap of paper, which makes it perfect for your next scrapbooking party.

Kids Corner: Popsicle Halloween Fun

With a package of popsicle sticks, some paint, gule and a few embellishments, your kids will have a blast creating a variety of silly, spooky Halloween characters. Here's a quick how-to:

Line up popsicle sticks to create the width of your character (fewer for monsters, more for pumpkins) and glue another popsicle stick placed horizontally across them. Or use several to create a spider effect.


Let the creativity fly with lots of paint options!

Twist small floral wire into a loop, poking it through the top of a foam sheet. Cover the sheet with glue and adhere it to the back of the dried project to help hold it all together.


They'll love showing off their work!

Materials needed:

Popsicle craft sticks


Floral Wire

Foam Sheet

Googly eyes

Orange, yellow, black and green paints


Give Your Pots a Super Cute Makeover

We made some new friends over at RedShed, a site dedicated to home decor projects and inspiration, who shared this adorable project from best-selling author and needlecraft expert, Debbie Shore. 

We adore the blending of nature elements, like twine and burlap, paired with red accents. Debbie shows you how to create these super easy, no-sew pots with some recycled items, double-stick tape and a hot glue gun. Check out her tutorial at the RedShed blog HERE!



Add Some Spice to Your Pumpkin

If you don't want to fuss with a carving mess this year, spice up your pumpkins with some leaves, vines, berries and other fall foliage. Dress up either real or fake pumpkins using your glue gun and any left over decorations you might have. And don't stop at pumpkins. Give different squash shapes the same treatment. With your extra leaves and twigs, we found some orange sidesaddle ribbon, grosgrain ribbon and mini pumpkins you can use to jazz up your produce! Here is some more inspiration: