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Tune in to Craft Attitude on HSN!

During the 4 a.m. hour, Eastern time, on July 1 (early Wednesday morning), Craft Attitude will be featured on HSN, when you can learn all about the printable original Craft Attitude printable film as well as Tech Attitude printable fabric.

Some of the projects featured include candle wraps, cell phone case covers and personalized light switch plates. Holly Fossen, who started the craft program at HSN in 2001 with her sister, will be the guest host. 


So if you're a night owl, be sure to tune in to learn about these fun projects and get some great pricing. You can also DVR/TiVo it for later, of course!

Craft Attitude Features

  • Personalize with ease right on your inkjet printer
  • Take your custom craft projects to a whole new level

Craft Attitude Film

  • Apply photos, images, logos and more to almost any surface
  • Takes on the texture of the surface and "grabs on" like skin
  • Beautiful, sharp print quality
  • Removable

Tech Attitude Fabric

  • Printable, fabric-texture sheets
  • Adhesive backing does not leave any residue so you can swap, switch, peel and replace
  • Great for decorating your phone or other electronic devices


About Holly Fossen: Holly has been on air talent/expert at HSN for 14 years. She has a passion for everything craft, with emphasis on scrapbooking, cardmaking and DIY.  She is also an international craft expert and instructor as seen at Creating Keepsakes and Scrapbook Expo conventions as well as internationally, hosted by scrapbooking centers and stores throughout the world.