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Mixed Media Art Journal Page with Betty Franks Krause

Betty Franks Krause crafts a mixed media art journal page. This is a perfect rainy summer afternoon project. Follow along with the video below to create your own.

Materials Used:

Art journal 


Acrylic medium matte

Stencils (example)

Acrylic paints (3 similar colors + white)

Stiff brush

Stencil brush

Stamps of choice (example)

Archival stamp ink

Joint compound

Metal painting knife

Masking tape

Black Pitt pen

China marker

White pen

Letter stickers

Marker pen

Poster paint pen

Distress ink pad

Dryer (heating tool)

Unused book pages

Baby wipes




Summer Fun Week 3: Crafting Mixed Media Masterpieces

Here is a perfect way to repurpose empty egg cartons. Andrea Atwater shows us how to create this Mod Podge Rocks project.

Project Steps:

1. Paint your canvas with several coats of a color of your choice.

2. Cut up your egg carton so each egg spot will be a flower bud. Cut down the middle of the carton and trim the excess areas. You can trim each egg carton spot (flower) to have petals. The rest of the egg carton can be used to hold the paint.

3. Paint the egg carton flowers with several coats of colors of your choice. Let dry.

4. Once the flowers are dry, coat with Sparkle Mod Podge. Extra coats will provide more sparkle.

5. Trim the pipe cleaners to the correct length for the stems. Tie them together and glue the "bouquet" to the canvas with craft glue.

6. Add a button to each flower to resemble a bud. Glue the flowers to the canvas. Let dry before hanging.


Materials Used:

9'' x 12'' Canvas

Egg carton (not foam)

Americana acrylic paint

Mod Podge Sparkle

Pipe cleaners (green)

Ribbon (coordinating color)

Buttons (white suggested)

Craft glue