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Summer Fun Week 5: Craft at the Beach!


This is a fun beach craft--great for recording something special like your little one's hand or footprint in the sand.

Project Steps:

1. Before leaving for the beach, measure out the appropriate amount of Plaster of Paris and put it into a resealable plastic bag. Check the directions on your plaster, but normally, the ratio of water to plaster is 1:1.5.

2. In your beach  bag, bring the bag of plaster, a measuring cup for water, and a pail to hold water.

3. Find a spot of clean, damp sand at the beach.

4. Press a hand or foot firmly down into the sand, then lift it straight back out. If your child is having trouble making a firm impression into the sand, till it up and smooth it back down to make it easier to shift. You may also need to press gently on their hand or foot to help.

6. Fill your pail with seawater and measure the appropriate amount to pour into the bag of plaster.

7. Knead and agitate the sealed plastic bag until the plaster is completely mixed. 

8. Open one end of the plastic bag, then pour the plaster to fill the hand or foot molds.

9. Pay attention to the directions from your plaster to determine how long to wait before unmolding the hand/foot print. 

10. Gently excavate the print, rinse in the ocean, and you're done!

Materials Used:

Plaster of Paris

Resealable plastic bag

Measuring cup

Watertight pail