Welcome Fall with a Festive Wreath

We've compiled a list of our favorite fall wreaths, just for you. If you feel inspired, just click on the picture, which will take you directly to the how-to instructions!




Stay Organized This School Year

We know the school year is getting in gear, and if you're like us, you're bound and determined to keep this year's supplies under control and organized. Why not have some fun while you're at it? We carry a variety of keepsake and project boxes for those pencils, crayons, erasers, paper clips and all the other random knick knacks that add up. Plus, you can customize them with a little imagination.

Here are some options and suggestions for taking your organization to the next level. Click on the image to learn more about each product:



Discover Zentangle Art: Yoga for the Brain

Guest blogger: Jane Glodoski

I discovered Zentangle at the Wisconsin Quilt EXPO several years ago. As a quilter I was always looking for new ideas and unique applications for my craft. Little did I realize that what I thought was an interesting idea for free motion quilting would change my perspective on so many things.


Zentangle originated as a meditative art form developed by the of team of Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas to provide focus and calm in a world inundated with screens and bells and chimes that remind us to do things. In its pure form, which has remained my favorite, a black pen is used to draw onto a 3.5-inch square white paper tile and based on five simple strokes, endless original patterns are created.

Although a relatively young art technique, many artists have embraced Zentangle and others have integrated the pure form into many art mediums, including different sizes and materials, colors, texture and layering. This eventually made it very popular with mixed media artists.

Zentangle is success-laden and inspiring. In my daily practice I use the pure form to enhance my concentration and creativity. I have always been focused on products and perfection but Zentangle has instilled in me the belief that art is the process rather than the product. While fiber arts and specifically quilting remains my passion, I have branched out to explore other mediums and have discovered joy in other places. I’ve begun to experiment with mixed media, painting and paper-crafting.


Where Zentangle has impacted my life the most is with children. I routinely volunteer to teach Zentangle to students in the Milwaukee Public Schools (my career-long employer). The impact of teaching an art form that creates a sense of calm and peace in children is rewarding and affirming. One student last school year stated that after tangling for 45 minutes he felt as though he were on a cloud in the rainforest. When asked, he admitted that he had never been in a rainforest but that’s what it must feel like.

For more on Zentangle you can go to to read about the process and find learning options. Although you can visit online sites and buy books developed by other teachers like myself, I would always recommend taking at least one class from a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT). On the site you will find teachers in all 50 states as well as in 32 countries beside the United States.

I live in Southeastern Wisconsin and will be teaching several classes this fall at the Whitefish Bay Recreation Department in Whitefish Bay and At Frank’s Sewing Center in Waukesha. For more information I can be reached via email at or you can visit my Facebook page Tangle on.

Learn More:

Visit the Craft Attitude super store for a variety of Zentangle books and products to get started or improve your craft.

Summer Fun Week 5: Craft at the Beach!


This is a fun beach craft--great for recording something special like your little one's hand or footprint in the sand.

Project Steps:

1. Before leaving for the beach, measure out the appropriate amount of Plaster of Paris and put it into a resealable plastic bag. Check the directions on your plaster, but normally, the ratio of water to plaster is 1:1.5.

2. In your beach  bag, bring the bag of plaster, a measuring cup for water, and a pail to hold water.

3. Find a spot of clean, damp sand at the beach.

4. Press a hand or foot firmly down into the sand, then lift it straight back out. If your child is having trouble making a firm impression into the sand, till it up and smooth it back down to make it easier to shift. You may also need to press gently on their hand or foot to help.

6. Fill your pail with seawater and measure the appropriate amount to pour into the bag of plaster.

7. Knead and agitate the sealed plastic bag until the plaster is completely mixed. 

8. Open one end of the plastic bag, then pour the plaster to fill the hand or foot molds.

9. Pay attention to the directions from your plaster to determine how long to wait before unmolding the hand/foot print. 

10. Gently excavate the print, rinse in the ocean, and you're done!

Materials Used:

Plaster of Paris

Resealable plastic bag

Measuring cup

Watertight pail 


Did You Miss Us on HSN? You Can Still Save on Craft Attitude

First, we'd like to send a big thank you to HSN for featuring Craft Attitude and Tech Attitude during its 24-hour craft special. We're thrilled to have been a part of it!

If you missed the segment, not to worry! You can still watch the episode and purchase Craft Attitude at this special HSN price. Just click here to go to HSN's site. You'll see "Live Presentation" with a small video box in the lower left corner which will allow you to watch. 

Also, be sure to visit our Projects page for lots of craft ideas you can make with Craft Attitude, as well as tons of other products available in our super store.

Summer Fun Week 4: Birdhouses Three Ways!


With a basic birdhouse base, you can take this project 3 different ways for a fun afternoon activity with the kids.

Project Steps:

Fabric Birdhouse - Cut your fabric into different sized strips. Affix them to the birdhouse with glue. Let the glue dry and then cover the whole birdhouse in Mod Podge.

Scrapbook Paper Birdhouse - Cut your paper into different sized strips. Affix them to the birdhouse with glue. Let the glue dry and then cover the whole birdhouse in Mod Podge.

Painted Birdhouse - Paint your birdhouse with acrylic paint in the color of your choice. Let the paint dry and then cover the whole birdhouse in Mod Podge.

Materials Used:


Fabric strips

Patterned papers

Acrylic paints

Mod Podge



Paint brush

Tune in to Craft Attitude on HSN!

During the 4 a.m. hour, Eastern time, on July 1 (early Wednesday morning), Craft Attitude will be featured on HSN, when you can learn all about the printable original Craft Attitude printable film as well as Tech Attitude printable fabric.

Some of the projects featured include candle wraps, cell phone case covers and personalized light switch plates. Holly Fossen, who started the craft program at HSN in 2001 with her sister, will be the guest host. 


So if you're a night owl, be sure to tune in to learn about these fun projects and get some great pricing. You can also DVR/TiVo it for later, of course!

Craft Attitude Features

  • Personalize with ease right on your inkjet printer
  • Take your custom craft projects to a whole new level

Craft Attitude Film

  • Apply photos, images, logos and more to almost any surface
  • Takes on the texture of the surface and "grabs on" like skin
  • Beautiful, sharp print quality
  • Removable

Tech Attitude Fabric

  • Printable, fabric-texture sheets
  • Adhesive backing does not leave any residue so you can swap, switch, peel and replace
  • Great for decorating your phone or other electronic devices


About Holly Fossen: Holly has been on air talent/expert at HSN for 14 years. She has a passion for everything craft, with emphasis on scrapbooking, cardmaking and DIY.  She is also an international craft expert and instructor as seen at Creating Keepsakes and Scrapbook Expo conventions as well as internationally, hosted by scrapbooking centers and stores throughout the world.  

Instagram Dominoes with Jonathan Fong

Jonathan Fong features the Craft Attitude printable film media to create this great personalized gift. Follow along with his video below to make some for a special someone's birthday.

Materials Used:

Craft Attitude film 

Wooden rectangles

Spray adhesive

Paper trimmer

4th of July Barrettes with Jennifer Priest

Jennifer Priest shows us how to create these festive hair pieces. They can double as pins, brooches, shoe clips, or hat clips. 

Materials Used:

Die cut machine

Die circles

Felt (in several colors)



Hair clips

Hot glue

Hot glue gun

Sewing needle


Mixed Media Art Journal Page with Betty Franks Krause

Betty Franks Krause crafts a mixed media art journal page. This is a perfect rainy summer afternoon project. Follow along with the video below to create your own.

Materials Used:

Art journal 


Acrylic medium matte

Stencils (example)

Acrylic paints (3 similar colors + white)

Stiff brush

Stencil brush

Stamps of choice (example)

Archival stamp ink

Joint compound

Metal painting knife

Masking tape

Black Pitt pen

China marker

White pen

Letter stickers

Marker pen

Poster paint pen

Distress ink pad

Dryer (heating tool)

Unused book pages

Baby wipes