Spring Break Fun: Day 4

Have the kiddos help fill this cute Easter Bunny jar with marshmallows or other Easter treats. This would be a great gift for the grandparents.


Project Steps:

1) Purchase a glass jar and fill it with mini marshmallows or fun Easter candies of your choice.

2) Cut off the bunny ears from the headband. Hot glue the ears directly on the jar lid.

3) Add a little cotton tail using two to three cotton swabs.

4) Print out an image on a card stock (I used a white linen ) and glue it to a glitter card stock like I did here. I didn't have the scissors that cut the scalloped edges, so I just cut my own border.

5) Punch a hole in the tag for the ribbon and tie around the lid. I also added another bow for some more color.

Materials Needed:

Mason jar

Bunny ears (cut from bunny ear headband that you can find this time of year in the dollar bins)


Glitter card stock


Hole punch

Hot glue gun

Don't forget, we have a variety of mason jar lids, so swap out the plain one and fill your jar with fresh Spring flowers! Or maybe choose a lid for a candle or piggy bank?

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