Spring Break Fun: Day 2

Who loves bubbles? Who loves to paint? Put these two things together for some truly unique artwork!

Project Steps:

1) First, it's good to get all the paints ready in their cups or bowls. Just pour some paint, a little dish soap and a small amount of water in a cup. Mix it up. If the color is too light, add more paint. If not bubbly enough, add more soap. I don't think it's necessary to measure — that just makes more dishes to wash.


2) Put the straw in the cup and blow until bubbles come up over the cup. Make sure your child is old enough and able to do this. If you don’t think your child can do this, or are worried about them accidentally sucking in instead of blowing out, you may want to do this step for them.

3) This is the fun part. You can use a spoon (I just used the straw) to carry the bubbles you blew of each color and bring it to the paper. Pop the bubbles on your paper. Repeat with whatever colors you want. 


4. Here's one of the designs we made. I think I would like to make some hydrangea-looking designs and add some cut out leaves and stems. Cool! Allow to dry.


Materials Needed:


Dish soap


Disposable cups or bowls

Plastic spoons (optional)

Drinking straws


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