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Special Moments Scrapbook Page

Create timeless portrait pages with vintage-themed embellishments. 

Step 1
Choose scrapbook papers to coordinate with photo. Read Scrapbooking Attitude package instructions. If using a laminator, read manufacturer's instructions before starting. (Note: A laminator pouch is not needed with Scrapbooking Attitude.)
Step 2
Use computer to print on Attitude sheet following these tips. A. Print on shinier side of sheet, handling by edges only. B. Print photo as mirror image. (See printer or computer for settings.) Note: The printed side of the Attitude sheet will be attached to paper. C. Wait to trim photo until after laminating (when instructed to do so). Print mirror image of 4" x 6" photo onto Attitude sheet.
Step 3
For better adhesion, lightly spray hairspray on printed Attitude sheet. Remove printed sheet from backing (and discard backing). Position printed side of sheet onto ivory floral textured paper, paying attention to position of textured shapes. (Example: Plan where textured flowers will be on girl's face.) Use small pieces of tape on top corners to temporarily hold in place.
Step 4
Laminate using one of the following methods: To laminate with iron: Preheat iron, set on med-high. Place Attitude paper on ironing board. Carefully cover with press cloth. To press, do not slide iron. Hold iron in one section about 15 seconds. Lift iron and move to the next section without sliding. Continue pressing until all areas have been covered. Remove press cloth and let cool. Set aside. To laminate by machine: Preheat laminator. (If laminator has thickness settings, adjust according to thickness of paper: Flat paper - lower number, textured paper – medium number, highly textured paper – highest number.) Insert taped edge of Attitude paper into laminator, until rollers feed it through. Set aside.
Step 5
For flowers, use computer to find clipart images on Internet. Print mirror image of flowers on shinier side of a second Attitude sheet. (Or use marker to draw flowers on Attitude sheet). (If printing, remember that image will be reversed when laminated.) Lightly spray with hairspray. Peel sheet from backing and place on metallic swirl paper, adjusting position until desired look is achieved and tape corners to hold. Press with iron or run through laminator. Repeat to print and laminate a second sheet of flowers.
Step 6
Use paper trimmer to trim laminated photo to desired size (4 1/2" x 6 1/2"). Use two layers foam mounting tape to mount laminated photo to lower right corner of (8 1/2" x 11") laminated flower paper. With scissors, cut out one large flower from second sheet. (Reserve remaining flowers for future project.) Set aside.
Step 7
For title, use computer to write "Special Moments" or your desired title in your chosen font. On mirror image setting of printer, print onto fourth Attitude sheet. (Letters are backwards.) Remove backing and laminate to striped scrapbook paper. Use paper trimmer to trim title to 2" x 9 1/2".
Step 8
Referring to photo, position pieces on dark green background paper. Use foam tape to attach mounted laminated photo to lower right side and laminated title in upper left using tape runner or foam mounting tape. Position and use several layers foam mounting tape to attach cut-out flower to top left corner of photo. Arrange buttons and one at a time, attach with glue gun.

Products and materials used:

  • scrapbook paper
  • press cloth
  • aerosol hairspray
  • wood flower buttons
  • wood round buttons
  • glue tape runner
  • Foam mounting tape
  • transparent tape
  • rotary paper trimmer
  • small scissors