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Softball Star Scrapbooking Page

Capture every minute of the action with a sporty-themed scrapbooking page! 

Step 1
Read the Scrapbooking Attitude package instructions.
Step 2
Use computer and printer to print on Attitude sheet, following these tips: A. Print on glossy side of sheet, handling by edges only. B. Always print photo as mirror image. (See printer or computer for settings.) Note: Printed side of Attitude sheet will be turned over and attached to paper so if you don't print as mirror image, words and photos will be backwards. C. Use "Photo" quality setting and "Glossy Photo Paper" media setting. D. Print only one sheet at a time. E. Be sure ink is dry, by waiting at least 2-3 hours before laminating. (Humid environments may take longer.) F. Wait to trim photo until instructed to do so. G. Remove labels from backs of scrapbook papers before gluing or laminating.
Step 3
Print mirror image of 8" x 10" photo onto glossy side of Attitude sheet. Similarly print mirror image of three 4" x 6" photos on second and third Attitude sheets. (To reduce edge-curling, wait to remove from backing sheet until just before laminating.) Use rotary paper trimmer to trim Attitude sheets even with photo edges. (Note: Set aside remainder of third sheet for journaling.)
Step 4
Laminate using one of the following methods: To laminate with glue stick: Apply generous amount glue stick to light blue paper. Remove Attitude from backing paper (discard backing) and flip over, carefully positioning glossy side of Attitude onto glued area. Press in place being careful not to stretch Attitude. Let dry. (Tip: For any loose edges, gently pull up Attitude edges, apply glue stick to Attitude and press back in place. It will take several hours for glue to completely dry and become transparent.) To laminate with iron: Preheat iron, set on med-high. Remove Attitude from backing paper (discard backing) and flip over, carefully positioning glossy side of Attitude on light blue paper on ironing board. Carefully cover with press cloth. To press, slide iron slowly and consistently with light, even pressure for about 30 – 60 seconds, depending on size of image. Lift iron and move to next section without sliding. Continue pressing until all areas have been covered. Remove press cloth and let cool. To laminate by machine: Preheat laminator. (If laminator has thickness settings, adjust according to thickness of paper: Flat paper - lower number, textured paper – medium number, highly textured paper – highest number.) Remove Attitude from backing paper (discard backing) and flip over, carefully positioning glossy side of Attitude on light blue paper. Use very small pieces of tape on top corners to temporarily hold in place. Insert edge of Attitude/ paper into laminator, until rollers feed it through.
Step 5
Remove backing, flip over and arrange 4" x 6" Attitude pieces on second sheet of light blue scrapbook paper and laminate using method of choice. (Note: For best heat laminating, run one photo through at a time.) Use rotary trimmer to trim each photo to 2 1/2" x 6".
Step 6
Write title in desired font on computer in 2 1/2" x 4" text box. (Tip: Print on copy paper first, to determine correct size.) On mirror image setting on printer, (letters are backwards) print onto glossy side of third or fourth Attitude sheet. Peel Attitude from backing, flip over and laminate title to orange paper and journaling to silver textured paper, using laminating method of choice. Use rotary trimmer to trim title to 1 1/2" x 8 3/4" and journaling to 2 1/2" x 4".
Step 7
Use rotary trimmer to trim 1/2" from top and left sides of Attitude/ background to yield 11 1/2" square. Use dot runner to center mount on royal blue cardstock.
Step 8
Referring to photo, arrange three photos and journaling piece on background. For dimension, attach left photo with one layer, middle photo with two layers and right photo with three layers foam mounting tape. Attach journaling piece to background with dot runner. Position and attach title with four layers foam mounting tape.
Step 9
Use wire cutters to snip off shanks of brads. Use glue gun to attach two 1/2" brads to ends of title and three 3/4" brads to top right and both bottom corners of page.

Products and materials used:

  • scrapbook paper
  • Cardstock
  • metal mesh with 1/4
  • Silver metallic brads: three 3/4
  • all purpose glue stick
  • glue dot runner
  • Foam mounting tape
  • rotary paper trimmer
  • small scissors
  • wire cutter
  • glue gun and glue sticks