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Personalized Ribbon Roses

My favorite flowers to make are those made with ribbon. And to be able to personalize the ribbon with photographs or a greeting like “Happy Birthday” makes the flower extra special. 

Step 1
Measure the width of the ribbon. Mine is 1 ¼”. Using your computer, create a design that’s the width of the ribbon and repeat it. For example, I used a photo of my dog that was 1 ¼” high and repeated the photo continuously, and stacked it on an 8 ½” x 11” page. Then I printed out the design on a sheet of Flower Attitude film.
Step 2
Each ribbon rose needs about 30” of ribbon. Trim the film to fit on the ribbon; you will use several pieces to make up the 30”. Apply spray adhesive to the film and wait about 3 minutes. Place the film face down on the ribbon and peel off the protective backing. Use your fingers to rub the film into the ribbon.
Step 3
Apply a length of double-stick tape on the bottom edge of the ribbon. Then starting from one end of the ribbon, roll it up into a rose shape, pinching the bottom where the tape is to hold it in place.

Products and materials used:

  • Ribbon
  • Digital photos
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Double sided tape