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Personalized Layered Flower

Fabric and paper flowers are actually pretty easy to make. I’ve been doing it with die cut flower layers for a while, but you don’t need a die cutting machine to make flowers. Just cut out the petals by hand and layer them. I’ve gone one step further on the flowers now, and I’m personalizing the petals. 

Step 1
Design six flower shapes, two small, two medium, and two large, on the computer and fill in the petals with photographs or personalized images. Print these out on sheets of Flower Attitude.
Step 2
Apply a spray adhesive to the Flower Attitude film and wait about 3 minutes. Place the film face down on a plain piece of fabric. Burnish with a rubber brayer, and remove the protective backing from the film. Burnish again to remove air bubbles and get a good adhesion.
Step 3
Cut out the individual flower shapes. These are your six layers. Place the largest layers on the bottom and the smallest on top. In between each layer, put some fast-dryingcraft glue in the middle. Squeeze the flower in the middle so the flower is puckered, and hold it in this position until the glue dries. I will sometimes put the pinched flower under a heavy book to hold it in this position. When it dries, you have a three-dimensional, personalized fabric flower.

Products and materials used:

  • Fabric
  • Digital photos
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Rubber Brayer