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Jonathan "Font" Sneakers

I’m a font fan. Yes, typefaces get me all excited. Helvetica is my favorite, but there are quite a few fonts that I find fontastic. So I decided to put some of them on my shoes because I can – thanks to Shoe Attitude.

Step 1
I designed a collage of font names on Photoshop and printed it out on sheets of Shoe Attitude, with the image in reverse, as the film would be flipped over ink side down onto the shoe. Depending on the size of your shoe, you will need two or three sheets of Shoe Attitude to cover a pair. I created two collages, one for each side of the shoe. And I repeated the design for both shoes.
Step 2
Apply a glue stick all over the shoe surface you want to cover. Use your fingers to spread the glue evenly and get into the shoe crevices. Then peel the Shoe Attitude film from its protective backing and place it ink side down on the shoe. If you don’t get it exactly where you want, you can still move the film around. Once you’re happy with the placement, rub the film with your fingers or a craft stick to make sure it’s adhered to the shoe. Then trim the excess film with an X-acto knife. Apply a glue stick to the edges of the film so they don’t peel away. Test
Step 3
The Shoe Attitude film works great on the rubber caps of the shoe too, so I printed out the words “Jonathan” and “Font” on the film and applied them to the toe caps in the same manner.

Products and materials used:

  • Sneakers
  • X-acto knife
  • Pattern design