Now Available: Tech and Locker Attitude!

If you've gotten crafty with Scrapbooking, Decor or Jewelry Attitude, you're going to love Locker Attitude and Tech Attitude! These two products are now available to purchase on our site.

These Craft Attitude products are different from others in that they are self-adhesive, so there's no need for a glue stick or spray adhesive to get them to stick. You also do not need to print images with words in reverse as you do with other Craft Attitude products. Simply print your image with an injet printer, peel off the backing and stick your design wherever you'd like. 

Another bonus: If you stick your Tech or Locker Attitude somewhere and change your mind, it's easily repositionable. And unlike duct tape, if it happens to fold over and stick to itself -- heck, even if you wad it up in a ball -- you'll be able to easily unstick it from itself, and it will return to its normal shape. And whatever you choose to stick the print on will not be damaged, so it won't peel paint off of a locker or wall, for example. 

Teens will love to take all their selfies and stick them to their computers, phones, lockers, walls or wherever else you'll let them. Here are a few fun designs to get your creativity going. Have fun, and be sure to share your projects with our crafting community on our Facebook page so we can see your attitude!


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