Mini Holiday Trees

1. Supplies needed.

2. For the feather tree, use the sponge brush to apply the Mod Podge in sections starting from the bottom up while layering the single feathers in a row. You can make the tree as full as you like with more feathers.

3. For the feather tree, repeat the process for applying the Mod Podge onto the styrofoam cone. Pour the mini balls into your hand and press them on the cone. The balls will stick together in clumps but that's fine. A lot of static and messy, but worth the patience. Let the half of the cone dry overnight before applying to the other half. Then sprinkle with glitter like I did here with the forest green. Looks so much like a real tree!

4. The glitter tree is just a rolled up plastic sheet in a cone shape with Mod Podge and glitter for another option.

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350556 Picture of Styrofoam Cone 8"X3" 1/Pkg-White Styrofoam Cone 8"X3" 1/Pkg-White $3.29 $3.29
131004 Picture of Mod Podge Gloss Finish-4oz Mod Podge Gloss Finish-4oz $3.99 $3.99
132475 Picture of Poly-Sponge Brushes 3/Pkg-2" Width Poly-Sponge Brushes 3/Pkg-2" Width $1.39 $1.39
480130 Picture of Martha Stewart Glitter & Glue Set-Desert Martha Stewart Glitter & Glue Set-Desert $5.19 $5.19
236525 Picture of Feathers 14 Grams-White Feathers 14 Grams-White $2.29 $2.29
438668 Picture of Smooth Foam Balls 1" 16/Pkg-White Smooth Foam Balls 1" 16/Pkg-White $2.69 $2.69
  • Tiny Foam Balls
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  • Styrofoam Cone 8"X3" 1/Pkg-White
  • Mod Podge Gloss Finish-4oz
  • Poly-Sponge Brushes 3/Pkg-2" Width
  • Martha Stewart Glitter & Glue Set-Desert
  • Feathers 14 Grams-White
  • Smooth Foam Balls 1" 16/Pkg-White
  • Tiny Foam Balls