Make Your Own Cupcake Wrappers

The cupcake trend doesn't seem to be losing any steam, at least not as far as we're concerned! One way to give your next batch a special twist is to make custom cupcake wrappers. Your creativity can be as varied as your cupcake flavors. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Transform a paper doily. For a dainty twist, simply take a paper doily and cut it in half. Bring the ends together to create the perfect cupcake shape. Attach a small piece of tape to hold it together. Click HERE for a variety of doily sizes in our products section.

Designer paper sheets. You'll find hundreds of patterns and themes of specialty papers to choose from HERE. Simply cut the paper into the cupcake wrapper shape and tape it together. Don't stop there! Add some embellishments like sweet flower appliques or beads.

Free Printables. The blog Food Art Party has a bunch of cupcake wrappers you can download (be sure to click on the image first to get the full size). Go HERE for the downloadables.

Personalize with Craft Attitude film. Print your own personal messages or names on each cupcake wrapper by using Craft Attitude film. You can add the Craft Attitude message onto any of the above ideas. Go HERE to find Scrapbooking Attitude, which is perfect for this project.  

Now that you have a beautiful batch of cupcakes, don't forget a stand to showcase them. We've pictured just three options below, but you can find cupcake stands for any occasion by clicking HERE.



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