Kids Corner: Santa Tissue Box

Here's a super easy project you can help the kids with. We've created a cute Santa option, but let the kids' creativity take over!

Here's how to do it:

- First paint the tissue box with your sponge brush with the red acrylic paint.  I used 2-3 coats.  Let dry.


- Cut the pieces of white fur material to a size you desire and use Elmers glue to attach.  Let dry.

- Paint the belt with black acrylic paint with a finer brush.  Let dry.

- Add embellishments of bells, glitter, gold border ribbon or whatever your style. 

Materials Needed:

Tissue box

Red acrylic paint

Black acrylic paint

White fur

Elmer’s school glue

Gold glitter

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11/6/2014 8:52 PM
This is adorable!