Frame Your Halloween Memories

If you're like us, you probably took tons of cute, creepy and downright scary Halloween pictures this year. Mixed-media artist Einat Kessler designed this adorably spooky frame that's the perfect spot to show off all your favorite princesses, ghouls and goblins.

Materials needed:

Wooden frame
Patterned Papers
Black twine
Photo/sticker or embellishment of skeleton 
Chandelier embellishment
Letter stickers
Distress ink
Craft knife


1 - Cover frame with torn pieces of patterned paper.
2 - Ink a chandelier embellishment and add to the top part of the frame.
3 - Cut pieces of black twine and glue to the frame in a shape of a spider's web. Tie one end of the web to the chandelier.
4 - Add a skeleton to the bottom of the frame. If you use a photo cut out the image first before adding to the frame.
5 - Layer different sizes of flowers and add to frame.
6 - Spell the word BOO! on a tag with letter stickers. Add the tag to the frame.

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