Craft Attitude Sponsors Ronald McDonald House Art Room

Earlier this month the Ronald McDonald House in Eastern Wisconsin was transformed into a Christmas Fantasy House with holiday decorations, lights and lots of festive flair. Local residents were invited to tour the home as a fundraiser for the charity. Craft Attitude was the corporate sponsor of the Art Room in the home, which was designed by artist Vanessa "Kiki" Johanning of Design Studio, pictured below in the art room, and who is also a contributing artist on

The home tour brochure described the room: "The Art Room is always a place to have fun and relax. It's where the paints, brushes and glitter come alive! Helping you bring out the artful festivities of the season! Color is the main story here, and giggles are encouraged! A special thank you to the corporate sponsorship and art supplies from the national brand of Craft Attitude, used in the making of the creative ornaments, banners and 6-foot-tall paint brushes! 'We believe art can play a wonderful part in healing,' Kiki said."

According to the charity's website, the Ronald McDonald House is a “home away from home” for families of seriously ill or injured children. Since the House opened in 1984, more than 35,000 family stays have been provided. Families from 568 Wisconsin communities, 50 states and 26 foreign countries have stayed at our Ronald McDonald House. In 2013 alone, we served nearly 1,000 families. We have been at full occupancy with our 38 guest rooms—often with a wait list of anywhere from five to twenty families each day.

Here are more photos from the Art Room:



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