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Organize Your Crafting Clutter!

Do you or someone you love have a craft and hobby clutter problem? We certainly understand. The worst issue, other than looking messy, is not being able to find what you need when you need it. Here are a few tips for keeping your clutter under control:

Think singularly. If your issue is that you have stuff spread out everywhere, dedicate a single space for craft supplies. Or if you're into multiple crafts, dedicate one area for each hobby. For instance, one cabinet for painting supplies, one drawer for stitching kits and one shelf for jewelry making ... you get the picture.

Use your wall space. A peg board and simple shelving will go a long way to utlize otherwise blank walls. An oversized bulletin board can serve as an inspiration board. 

"See through" the clutter. Consider clear, stackable storage boxes to pack away craft items of all sorts. The clear plastic makes finding your favorite ribbon or fabric much easier. We like this "Stow & Go" Storage Bin that you can pack away or take along with you:

Everything in its place. Save egg cartons, glass jars and other containers you might otherwise toss out as handy ways to keep track of tiny craft embellishments, buttons, sequins and the like. You can even take an old muffin tin, paint it a cute color, and use it to separate beads, jump rings and clasps. This bead organizer with individual screw-top lids is a lifesaver:

Nothing scrappy about this tote. How cute is this scrapbook organizer? There's a dedicated space for every pen, scissors, stamp and scrap of paper, which makes it perfect for your next scrapbooking party.