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Stay Organized This School Year

We know the school year is getting in gear, and if you're like us, you're bound and determined to keep this year's supplies under control and organized. Why not have some fun while you're at it? We carry a variety of keepsake and project boxes for those pencils, crayons, erasers, paper clips and all the other random knick knacks that add up. Plus, you can customize them with a little imagination.

Here are some options and suggestions for taking your organization to the next level. Click on the image to learn more about each product:



Summer Fun Week 1: Celebrate America with Patriotic Pinwheels

Here's a patriotic work of art to get your ready for our nation’s biggest holiday, the 4th of July. Andrea Atwater walks us through the steps.


Project Steps:

1.  Download this pattern template to print. Using card stock, print the blue grid on one side then flip the page over and print the red dots.

2.  Cut a small slit at a 45 degree angle at each corner like this:

3.  Carefully poke a hole in the top of the lollipop stick with a straight pin.

4.  Fold down every other corner of your pinwheel and hold it in place in the center.

5.  Poke a straight pin through the center, being sure to catch all the corners.

6.  Gently tap with the hammer until it is secure, but the pin isn’t going all the way through the lollipop stick.

7.  Glue in place, if you’d like.

Materials Used:

White cardstock for template (or you can use a double sided scrapbook sheet)

Small straight pins with glass heads

Lollipop sticks

Glue (optional)


Mickey-Inspired Autograph Book

Are you headed to Disney or concerts this year? Kids will want a handy autograph book to get signatures from all of their favorites! Andrea Atwater shows us how to make this adorable keepsake they'll want to keep forever.

Project steps:

1) Use masking or painters tape to mask off just over a half of the bottom of the book cover. Wrap the tape around to the insides of the covers and go all the way around the book. Make sure the tape is stuck to the cover all the way in so there's no bleeding through or leaking in the spine area.


2) Use a foam brush to paint the bottom half of the book red. It will take many light coats, but the paint dries fast. I used a blow dryer a bit to speed up the process. You won't see the lines that show in the painting steps. Just make sure you are even spreading the paint.


3) Let the red paint dry enough to pull the tape off. Then make sure you give the red a lot more to dry time or let the hair dryer help this. You will need to put another strip of tape over the red, so if it's not dry, you will pull off chips of the paint.

4) If you are using a white book, paint the top of the cover black and let dry also. You may need to touch up and bleeding, so be sure to have a nice fine brush.


5) Hot glue the buttons right on the cover as you can see. 

Materials used: 

Small sketchbook with white cover (if you can find a black book, that's fine, but it takes more paint to cover).

Red acrylic paint

Black acrylic paint

White buttons


Masking tape

Clear sealer

Spring Break Fun: Day 5

Aprons so cute you won't want to get them messy! They're super fun to make with the kids, too.

Fingerprint Painted Apron & Chef's Hat

Project Steps:

1) First, iron the apron.

2) Before you start with the fingerprints, mark your area with a pencil lightly so you make sure it will be aligned correctly. Also, test out on a piece of paper a fingerprint. Here's another design you might like:

3) Now, start with the fingerprints. It only takes a minute to dry, so you can start using the fabric fine line marker to make the detail lines.


Kids will love to make funny faces and cool original art of their own.

Materials Needed:

Acrylic paints

Child apron


Chef's hat

Fine-line markers


Fingerprint Princess Tree Apron

Project Steps:

1) Sketch out the tree with the pencil.

2) Mix your browns and yellows and leave them in a swirl pattern to start brushing out the tree.

3) Repeat all through the tree branches. You can always go back and add more yellow if needed.

4) Add more depth with outlining with the brown paint.

5) Highlight again with more yellow in the paint.

6) Start adding in fingerprints around the tree with the blue paint with the kids fingers.

7) After the fingerprints are dry, add squiggles with the fine black marker to make them look like roses.

8) It's optional to put the names of the kids under the fingerprints. That will take a super fine marker.

Materials Needed:


Acrylic paints


Fabric fine black marker


Spring Break Fun: Day 4

Have the kiddos help fill this cute Easter Bunny jar with marshmallows or other Easter treats. This would be a great gift for the grandparents.


Project Steps:

1) Purchase a glass jar and fill it with mini marshmallows or fun Easter candies of your choice.

2) Cut off the bunny ears from the headband. Hot glue the ears directly on the jar lid.

3) Add a little cotton tail using two to three cotton swabs.

4) Print out an image on a card stock (I used a white linen ) and glue it to a glitter card stock like I did here. I didn't have the scissors that cut the scalloped edges, so I just cut my own border.

5) Punch a hole in the tag for the ribbon and tie around the lid. I also added another bow for some more color.

Materials Needed:

Mason jar

Bunny ears (cut from bunny ear headband that you can find this time of year in the dollar bins)


Glitter card stock


Hole punch

Hot glue gun

Don't forget, we have a variety of mason jar lids, so swap out the plain one and fill your jar with fresh Spring flowers! Or maybe choose a lid for a candle or piggy bank?

Spring Break Fun: Day 3

 Bring all your favorite fairies together for a sweet crafting party. Here's how to make friendship bracelets and fairy dust!

Fairies Flower-and-Ice Friendship Bracelet 

Project Steps:

1) Tightly tie the center of felt strips with a double strand of embroidery floss, as shown. Use more floss to tie two of the cinched strips together crossways.

2) Trim the ends of the strips into petal shapes. Decorate the flower center with a faux pearl or gem sticker.


3) Create two more flowers from the remaining felt strips. Hot glue a pony bead to the bottom of each flower.

4) String the flowers and additional beads onto a piece of stretchy beading elastic, creating a bracelet sized to fit your child's (or her friend's) wrist. Tie the ends of the elastic together tightly, using a bit of hot glue to secure the knot if needed. Then trim the ends an inch or so from the knot, and thread them back through the adjacent beads.

Materials Needed:

Purple felt, six 1/2- by 1-3/4-inch strips


Embroidery floss or strong thread

Faux pearl or gem stickers

Hot glue gun

Clear pony beads

Clear stretchy beading elastic


Fairy Dust

Project Steps:

1) Fill your plastic jar with the glitter a little less than half way up. You may need to create a little funnel out of paper just to keep the glitter from going all over. 

2) After you place the cap back on, take your ribbon and wrap the cap. Just put a dab of glue toward the back to hold the ribbon in place.

3) Apply some hot glut to the bottom of the flower and attach it to the top of the ribbon covered cap.

4) Print out the "Fairy dust" text that you like the best and make a tag. I used the linen paper to print the words and then used a glitter paper underneath to match. I scalloped the edges with scissors.

 5) Punch a hole in your tag and string your bakers twine through. Then either tie the tag around the top or make it a little place mat.

6) Hot glue your mini pom pom onto your lollipop stick to create a little duster. I added a touch more of the glitter...yes, more glitter.

Now they are ready to be in the hands of your little fairies of the party!

Materials Needed:

Mini plastic jars
Course glitter (Color of your choice)
Bakers Twine
Glitter paper
Lollipop stick
Mini pom pom or cotton ball
Hot glue gun

Spring Break Fun: Day 2

Who loves bubbles? Who loves to paint? Put these two things together for some truly unique artwork!

Project Steps:

1) First, it's good to get all the paints ready in their cups or bowls. Just pour some paint, a little dish soap and a small amount of water in a cup. Mix it up. If the color is too light, add more paint. If not bubbly enough, add more soap. I don't think it's necessary to measure — that just makes more dishes to wash.


2) Put the straw in the cup and blow until bubbles come up over the cup. Make sure your child is old enough and able to do this. If you don’t think your child can do this, or are worried about them accidentally sucking in instead of blowing out, you may want to do this step for them.

3) This is the fun part. You can use a spoon (I just used the straw) to carry the bubbles you blew of each color and bring it to the paper. Pop the bubbles on your paper. Repeat with whatever colors you want. 


4. Here's one of the designs we made. I think I would like to make some hydrangea-looking designs and add some cut out leaves and stems. Cool! Allow to dry.


Materials Needed:


Dish soap


Disposable cups or bowls

Plastic spoons (optional)

Drinking straws


Spring Break Fun: Day 1

Let's kick off our week of Spring Break Fun with a customizable pop art piece that anyone can do ... just download the free printable, add some glitter and a name in bright puff-paint!


Project Steps:

1) Download and print this PDF for the "ears" template. Place the transfer paper in the center of the canvas, and the template on top. Tape it down and use the pencil to draw over the black lines.

2) Peel away the template and transfer paper. Fill in the ears with the black paint. For the highlight areas, you can water down the black paint so it becomes grey or add white paint to lighten up for add the highlights at the top.

3) Work section by section. While the paint is still wet, pour on the glitter. Do this for all of the hat. Use grey or charcoal glitter for the highlight areas. I used a bit more glitter in places for more of a 3D look.

 4) Fill in the rest of the canvas with the red paint.

5) Add a glittery sheen to the red by brushing on a layer of glittered varnish.

6) Use the Puffy Paint to write the name of your choice. TIP: Practice on a piece of paper first. Sketch the name with a pencil on paper so you can know the size you need.

Materials Needed:

12x12 Canvas

Transfer paper

Black paint

Red paint

Black glitter

Grey glitter

Yellow Puffy Paint



Kids Corner: Valentine's Paper Heart Wreath

Here's a sweet and super-easy Valentine's Craft to do with the kids:

It's a great Valentine’s Day heart wreath decoration your child can make for home or their classroom. Anything goes, so let the kids get creative!

1) Using a plain white 8.5" x 11" piece of paper (cardstock works great), fold one corner over and trim the excess to make it square.

2) Cut around the edges and round it off along with the inside. Don't worry about being perfect (as you can see in my photo), you will be pasting hearts over it.

3) Use your glue stick to attach your hearts in any way you desire. You can cut out hearts from pretty paper or use pre-cut hearts. Wrap a ribbon around the wreath to hang. It's that easy.

Materials needed:

White cardstock

Assorted papers

Cut-out hearts

Glue stick


Kids Corner: Paper Straw Christmas Projects

Here are two projects, one for the kids and one for you, using red-and-white striped paper straws to create candy cane-inspired crafts.

Paper Straw Snowflakes

- Cut two 1 1/2" circles from white cardstock.

- Cut straws into 2 1/2" lengths (8 or 10 straws are needed for each snowflake).

- Cut a 1/4" section of straw.

- Glue the 1/4" straw in the center of the cardstock circle. 

- Glue straw pieces around small straw center as shown.

- Finish by gluing a wooden or other circle embellishment.

TIP: Use these snowflakes for present toppers.

Materials needed:

Paper Straws
White cardstock
Circle paper punch or scissors to cut circles
Wood buttons or any other round embellishment
Glue gun or white craft glue


Starburst Paper Straw Wreath

- Cut 50 of the 120 straws to 6 1/2″ and leave the rest of the straws at their full length. 

- Wrap a foam wreath form with white or grey ribbon. The form can rub off and get a bit messy, so you will want to cover it.

- Apply a dab of hot glue near the center of the wreath form. Adhere a full length straw so that the end is flush with the center edge of the wreath form, then continue gluing and affixing straws, alternating short straws with long ones until the wreath form is completely covered. 


- Once you have the first layer down, you can start with the second layer with the straws affixed in between each of the first layer.

- Tie a bow with ribbon of your choice and glue in place. 

TO HANG: Glue a small loop of matching ribbon to the back of the wreath form.

Materials needed:

- Small foam wreath form 
- Approximately 120 red stripe paper straws 
- Satin ribbon for bow (optional)
- Satin ribbon for wreath wrapping 
- Hot glue gun & glue sticks 
- Scissors 
- Ruler