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Congrats to Our #ShowYourAttitude Winners!

In December, we asked our social media followers to post pictures of the crafts they were working on this holiday season. We got a tremendous response! We were so thrilled with all the entries that we've added even more prizes. 

Everyone who posted a photo got a chance to win the top prize: a $150 gift certificate from the super store, which is chockful of everything you need like basic craft supplies, knitting and sewing needs, paints, jewelry-making goodies, paper crafts and much more. The winner of this prize is none other than Dora LeAnne Clements Neely! Congrats, Dora! Here is one of the adorable projects Dora posted:

We've decided to add two more winners, who will receive $25 gift certificates to the super store. They are Kim Schinkal Mitchusson and Pretzels and Punch blog. Congrats to you both! Kim made these embellished mason jars:

And Pretzels and Punch made some rolled roses and blinged them out to create a glamorous Old Hollywood tree:

Here are a few more images from some of the great projects our followers shared with our crafting community. Thanks to everyone for participating!


Kids Corner: Paper Straw Christmas Projects

Here are two projects, one for the kids and one for you, using red-and-white striped paper straws to create candy cane-inspired crafts.

Paper Straw Snowflakes

- Cut two 1 1/2" circles from white cardstock.

- Cut straws into 2 1/2" lengths (8 or 10 straws are needed for each snowflake).

- Cut a 1/4" section of straw.

- Glue the 1/4" straw in the center of the cardstock circle. 

- Glue straw pieces around small straw center as shown.

- Finish by gluing a wooden or other circle embellishment.

TIP: Use these snowflakes for present toppers.

Materials needed:

Paper Straws
White cardstock
Circle paper punch or scissors to cut circles
Wood buttons or any other round embellishment
Glue gun or white craft glue


Starburst Paper Straw Wreath

- Cut 50 of the 120 straws to 6 1/2″ and leave the rest of the straws at their full length. 

- Wrap a foam wreath form with white or grey ribbon. The form can rub off and get a bit messy, so you will want to cover it.

- Apply a dab of hot glue near the center of the wreath form. Adhere a full length straw so that the end is flush with the center edge of the wreath form, then continue gluing and affixing straws, alternating short straws with long ones until the wreath form is completely covered. 


- Once you have the first layer down, you can start with the second layer with the straws affixed in between each of the first layer.

- Tie a bow with ribbon of your choice and glue in place. 

TO HANG: Glue a small loop of matching ribbon to the back of the wreath form.

Materials needed:

- Small foam wreath form 
- Approximately 120 red stripe paper straws 
- Satin ribbon for bow (optional)
- Satin ribbon for wreath wrapping 
- Hot glue gun & glue sticks 
- Scissors 
- Ruler

Last-Minute Christmas Cards

Don't worry, you've still got time to whip up some pretty, customized Christmas cards to send out this year. We're making it even easier with these inspirational ideas from artists Anne Grbic and Einat Kessler.

In card #1, Anne printed this angel image onto Craft Attitude film, and then adhered it to some glitter paper and finished it off with some embellishments.

Einat used cardstock, distress stamp ink, stencil, thread and letter stickers to create the adorable Santa-inspired card in #2. 

Anne printed the image on card #3 on Craft Attitude film, and then adhered the image to Vertigo Film Translucent Patterned Sheets to achieve this cool prism effect. The Craft Attitude film allows the texture of any paper to show thorugh the image.

Einat used a scalloped punch, circle punch, inks and embellishments for card #4, which she glued to red corrugated sheets.

Be sure to check out Einat's 12 Cards of Christmas videos on her YouTube page for even more ideas and go here for lots of Christmas paper craft supplies in our super store!

Tuesday Tips: Containers of All Types: Personalized!

AWe know one thing you'll need plenty of this holiday season: Containers for gift boxes, cookies and candies, trinkets, keepsakes and even leftovers! Here are several ways to take your containers to the next level and personalize them for every occasion.


Special Shapes: Eileen Hull makes a variety of boxes using the Sizzix Big Shot die cutter and any of the container dies available in our super store. Here's a quick video from Eileen that shows you how:

Upcycle Cookie Tins: Give those old cookie tins a modern new look by covering them with Krylon paint and adding some snowflake embellishments and names, like these, created by Andrea Atwater. So easy!

Grandma's Treasures: Anne Grbic took an ordinary round cardboard box and turned it into a sweet gold box with photos of the grandkids by using gold paint over the box, printing the photos and the words "Grandma's Treasures" onto Craft Attitude film and adhering those with adhesive, followed by gloss varnish placed over the images and finished off with a bunch of bling. Grandma is sure to display this somewhere special. 

Cute Leftovers Tubs: And finally, Jonathan Fong came up with this great idea to take ordinary plastic tubs and give them a cute, customized touch using Craft Attitude film. Just swap out the Thanksgiving design for the holiday of your choice!

Check out the When Creativity Knocks All-Star Designers Holiday Series video:

Mixed Media Monday: Vintage Santa Print

Craft Attitude pro Anne Grbic created this lovely Vintage Santa décor piece using a frame, Craft Attitude film and some floral and lace embellishments. 


"I printed one of my favorite patterns on Craft Attitude film to decorate the frame and the background and to print the Vintage Santa," Anne says. "I 'grunged up' the smaller board before adhering the Santa, and then used foam tape to 'lift' it from the background. I then finished the piece off with lace and flowers. The Vintage Santa image is from the website The Graphics Fairy, which has many free printables you can download."

Materials needed: 


Craft Attitude Film


Kids Corner: Teacher Thank You Gift

Tis the season to show appreciation for all the folks in your life, including those teachers who spend a good chunk of the day with your kids in their care. Here's a sweet gift to spread some holiday cheer and express your gratitude, as well.

Simply fill a mason jar with ingredients for hot chocolate or chocolate chip cookies. Give the lid some color with a circle of holiday-inspired paper. Tie a string or ribbon around the neck and include a cute gift tag sentiment, like this free printable from the blog, Skip to My Lou. You can print them on card stock, or why not make them a little more special by adhering the tag to a wooden tag shaped like a mason jar? Easy enough that the kids can help, and this gift is sure to be much appreciated!

Other materials:

Mason jars


Christmas papers

'Print' on Metal? Now You can!

You can't print on crafting metal, but you could add an image with Craft Attitude film, and then emboss it. Imagine the possibilities! This same technique could be used for cards, artwork, gift trinket boxes, jewelry, bottles and lots more.

Anne Grbic created this look by printing the image onto Craft Attitude with her inkjet printer, adhered the print to gold crafting metal, and then embossed the entire piece.

She created the piece below with the same technique, applying the print onto a piece of copper with the top embossed in a maple leaf pattern.

"It’s much prettier live because the sheen shows through more than in the photo," she says. "I printed my image on Craft Attitude, adhered ink side down to the embossing metal, then, using an embossing folder and machine, embossed the entire piece. Because the Craft Attitude film has a matte finish, I applied the Liquitex Gloss Varnish over the print and over the edges for a gloss finish to match the metal."

Materials used: 

Craft Attitude Printable Film

Aerosol Spray Adhesive

Copper or Gold Metal Embossing Sheets

Embossing Folders

Sizzix Texture Boutique Embossing Machine

Liquitex Gloss Varnish and Sealer

Paper Roses Christmas Tree

There's basically two ways to go with this particular project: hand roll all of your own paper roses, like the ones seen here, or buy ready-made flowers. 

Andrea Atwater twirled all of these roses herself, varying the size and tightness of the roses to give the tree an interesting, dimensional look. Choose a red paper that isn't too thick to roll, but not so thin that it won't hold its shape. Construction-type paper would work, but a cardstock would be too thick. Here is an instructional video from Crafts and More with Misil­la that shows you how to create the roses from a simple 4-inch circle of paper:

If you'd like to purchase pre-made roses, here are three from our store to choose from:


Once you've decided on your roses, simply glue them onto a cone form, like the one below, using hot glue and voila! Beautiful holiday centerpiece.

Christmas Cards with Attitude

This year, we're all about bringing back the tradition of mailing out Christmas cards ... you know, individually signed and stamped and all that. We're even going so far as to encourage that you use all your crafty creativity to make cards yourself. What could be a more lovely sentiment than something handmade that arrives in the mail? 

You'll certainly find a great batch of Christmas-related paper crafts here on our site. To take your cards to the next level, consider using Craft Attitude film on textured paper. Simply print out your image on Craft Attitude film using your inkjet printer, cut the image to size, apply adhesive (glue stick or spray) on the printed side, press the image, glue side down, onto the textured paper and then remove the white backing. 

Here are a few examples of how our Craft Attitude pros Andrea Atwater and Anne Grbic really elevated their handmade cards.

Made with embossed papers, ribbons, self-adhesive jewels and Craft Attitude:


Made with Craft Attitude, gold linen cardstock, gold satin cardstock, bling. Elmer’s Glue runner to attach everything. Image from the Graphics Fairy.


Made with embossed papers, glitter papers, felt papers, pearl adhesives, Craft Attitude, papercrafting bows, corner cutter and linen ribbon.


7 Days of Ornaments: Day 7

Show your Grinch some Christmas spirit with this recycled light bulb project and watch his heart grow three sizes!

Here's how to make it:

- Wash and dry the light bulbs before painting.

- Assemble the colors needed for the Grinch (I used acrylic paints of greens, red, yellow, black).

- First paint the bulb topper using red paint and apply at least two coats. Let dry completely.

- Paint the bulb the green and let dry.

- Take a paper towel and dab on some yellow and apply a fine coat of yellow and let dry (this is optional, but you get more of a dimensional look for the face).

- Then apply 50/50 water to green paint over the yellow. Let dry.

- You can either use a pencil, marker or if you are confident enough, paint the face lines directly on the face of the bulb. You can always paint back over with a thin brush for any mistakes.

- Now you can start painting the eyes with the yellow. That will take a few coats.

- After you are satisfied with your bulb, give the bulb topper a quick coat again with the red and dip it a couple of times in the snow. Leave some red showing.

Materials Needed:

Old light bulbs

Red acrylic paint

Green acrylic paint

Yellow acrylic paint


Sponge brushes