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Paper Roses Christmas Tree

There's basically two ways to go with this particular project: hand roll all of your own paper roses, like the ones seen here, or buy ready-made flowers. 

Andrea Atwater twirled all of these roses herself, varying the size and tightness of the roses to give the tree an interesting, dimensional look. Choose a red paper that isn't too thick to roll, but not so thin that it won't hold its shape. Construction-type paper would work, but a cardstock would be too thick. Here is an instructional video from Crafts and More with Misil­la that shows you how to create the roses from a simple 4-inch circle of paper:

If you'd like to purchase pre-made roses, here are three from our store to choose from:


Once you've decided on your roses, simply glue them onto a cone form, like the one below, using hot glue and voila! Beautiful holiday centerpiece.

7 Days of Ornaments: Day 7

Show your Grinch some Christmas spirit with this recycled light bulb project and watch his heart grow three sizes!

Here's how to make it:

- Wash and dry the light bulbs before painting.

- Assemble the colors needed for the Grinch (I used acrylic paints of greens, red, yellow, black).

- First paint the bulb topper using red paint and apply at least two coats. Let dry completely.

- Paint the bulb the green and let dry.

- Take a paper towel and dab on some yellow and apply a fine coat of yellow and let dry (this is optional, but you get more of a dimensional look for the face).

- Then apply 50/50 water to green paint over the yellow. Let dry.

- You can either use a pencil, marker or if you are confident enough, paint the face lines directly on the face of the bulb. You can always paint back over with a thin brush for any mistakes.

- Now you can start painting the eyes with the yellow. That will take a few coats.

- After you are satisfied with your bulb, give the bulb topper a quick coat again with the red and dip it a couple of times in the snow. Leave some red showing.

Materials Needed:

Old light bulbs

Red acrylic paint

Green acrylic paint

Yellow acrylic paint


Sponge brushes

7 Days of Ornaments: Day 6

Upcycle toilet paper tubes to create really pretty and unusual ornaments with print-and-stick Tech Attitude!


  • Print selected pattern on Tech Attitude into two 5” x7” size images per sheet and cut each down to 5” x 6”. Tech Attitude is a fabric with repositionable adhesive on the other side. It is printable, feels like satin, is flexible, doesn’t tear and can be repositioned, making it a better choice than paper.
  • Wrap the 5” side around the toilet paper roll – it will stick and can be adjusted – no adhesive required.
  • Fold the edges into the open ends on each side and press down and seal all around with fingers.
  • Beginning with the seam, start to add Washi tape where desired.
  • Using glue gun attach lace ribbon to inside of each open end with lace showing out of edges.
  • Decorate with selected bling in complementary colors.
  • Using glue gun adhere each end of thin gold ribbon to inside of one open edge for hanging.  The ornament is very light.
  • Loosely stuff a small piece of gold tulle into the top.
  • One package of Tech Attitude will made six ornaments.

Materials Needed:

Recycled toilet paper tubes 

Tech Attitude

Gold Metallic or Glitter Washi Tape

Lace Ribbon

Self-Adhesive Rhinestones

Gold Ribbon

Gold Tulle

Glue Gun

7 Days of Ornaments: Day 5

With a little glitter and glue, you can really take your ornaments to the next level!

Tips for pinecones

- Apply Mod Podge with a sponge brush directly to the pinecone

- Srinkle with glitter or snow

Tips for glass or plain plain plastic ornaments

- Tape off the area with masking or paint tape around the area you will want glitter on

- Apply Mod Podge directly on the ornament

- Sprinkle with the glitter – wait until that dries and then repeat

Materials Needed:



Mod Podge



7 Days of Ornaments: Day 4

What's a holiday season without a little jingle? Here's how to make a cute jingle bell wreath ornament.

- For this one, we used a bag of 50 bells .5 mm – you can use silver or mix and match different colors of bells.

- Make a loop at one end of the wire with needle nose pliers and twist it to secure.


- Thread each bell tightly on a 16” floral wire (or any bendable wire).

- When you have the desired number of bells in place, twist the end of the wire until it's securely closed.

- Use ribbon to accent the bells. Hang your new ornament on the tree or use it as a beautiful present topper.

Materials Needed:

Jingle bells


Needle nose pliers


7 Days of Ornaments: Day 3

Add some personalized shimmer and shine to your tree this year with photos printed on Craft Attitude film and placed on holographic stars along with some pretty bling.

Here's how it was done:

Kids pictures were sized to the center of holographic stars and printed on Craft Attitude film. You can use your computer software to make the circles and place the photos inside them, or manually cut the photos into the correct size circles.

Print the photos onto Craft Attitude film, trim the circles to size and glue print side down in the center of the star. Remove the Craft Attitude liner and press the photo with your fingers to adhere it well to the star. The holographic print will show through the photo for a dazzling effect.

Embellish the star with bling of your choice. Repeat those steps on other side of each holographic star so the ornament will look great from any side.

Place each ornament next to or slightly behind a light on the tree as the light will radiate off the holographic surface and look really pretty.

Materials Needed:

To make the stars, cut chipboard (or recycle a cereal box) and use Sizzix Die Cut Machine to cut the stars with a star-shaped die.

Cover with self-adhesive holographic paper trimmed to the size and shape of the star.

Craft Attitude film

Glue stick


7 Days of Ornaments: Day 2

Personalize Christmas ornaments and give them a nostalgic feel with black-and-white photos. 


Simply print your images to size on a Craft Attitude sheet in reverse. Use a glue stick and apply completely on the raw ceramic ornament. Peel, flip and apply the Craft Attitude film image on the ornament and trim with a cutting tool around the edges  (you can readjust the image). Add a ribbon or twine and hang on your tree!

You can also watch a quick video on how to make these ornaments, too, just click here.

7 Days of Ornaments: Day 1

Create beautiful colors in clear round ornaments with Airondack alcohol inks. Pour drops of an ink inside the ornaments and swirl it around. To quick dry the ink, use compressed air-in-a-can after each color. Repeat with any other colors you desire. No two ornaments will look the same!


Use the end of a paint brush to help swirl the ink inside the ornament.


transparent glass stain works well with this project and comes in a variety of colors.