Community posts of '2015' 'June'

Tune in to Craft Attitude on HSN!

During the 4 a.m. hour, Eastern time, on July 1 (early Wednesday morning), Craft Attitude will be featured on HSN, when you can learn all about the printable original Craft Attitude printable film as well as Tech Attitude printable fabric.

Some of the projects featured include candle wraps, cell phone case covers and personalized light switch plates. Holly Fossen, who started the craft program at HSN in 2001 with her sister, will be the guest host. 


So if you're a night owl, be sure to tune in to learn about these fun projects and get some great pricing. You can also DVR/TiVo it for later, of course!

Craft Attitude Features

  • Personalize with ease right on your inkjet printer
  • Take your custom craft projects to a whole new level

Craft Attitude Film

  • Apply photos, images, logos and more to almost any surface
  • Takes on the texture of the surface and "grabs on" like skin
  • Beautiful, sharp print quality
  • Removable

Tech Attitude Fabric

  • Printable, fabric-texture sheets
  • Adhesive backing does not leave any residue so you can swap, switch, peel and replace
  • Great for decorating your phone or other electronic devices


About Holly Fossen: Holly has been on air talent/expert at HSN for 14 years. She has a passion for everything craft, with emphasis on scrapbooking, cardmaking and DIY.  She is also an international craft expert and instructor as seen at Creating Keepsakes and Scrapbook Expo conventions as well as internationally, hosted by scrapbooking centers and stores throughout the world.  

Instagram Dominoes with Jonathan Fong

Jonathan Fong features the Craft Attitude printable film media to create this great personalized gift. Follow along with his video below to make some for a special someone's birthday.

Materials Used:

Craft Attitude film 

Wooden rectangles

Spray adhesive

Paper trimmer

4th of July Barrettes with Jennifer Priest

Jennifer Priest shows us how to create these festive hair pieces. They can double as pins, brooches, shoe clips, or hat clips. 

Materials Used:

Die cut machine

Die circles

Felt (in several colors)



Hair clips

Hot glue

Hot glue gun

Sewing needle


Mixed Media Art Journal Page with Betty Franks Krause

Betty Franks Krause crafts a mixed media art journal page. This is a perfect rainy summer afternoon project. Follow along with the video below to create your own.

Materials Used:

Art journal 


Acrylic medium matte

Stencils (example)

Acrylic paints (3 similar colors + white)

Stiff brush

Stencil brush

Stamps of choice (example)

Archival stamp ink

Joint compound

Metal painting knife

Masking tape

Black Pitt pen

China marker

White pen

Letter stickers

Marker pen

Poster paint pen

Distress ink pad

Dryer (heating tool)

Unused book pages

Baby wipes




Paper Bunting with Lisa Fulmer


Lisa Fulmer shows us how to craft this cute paper bunting featuring the KellyCraft Laser Square. Watch below to create your own.

Materials Used:

KellyCraft Laser Square

White cardstock

Scrapbooking paper

Adhesive (craft glue or double sided tape works best)

Paint marker 

Decorative ribbon (Here is an example)

Decorative buttons (Here is an example)



Stackable Squat Mason Jars with Lisa Fulmer

Crafter Lisa Fulmer teaches us how to decorate mini squat mason jars. Click on the video below to learn how!

Materials Used:

Squat wide-mouth mason jar

Foam core board

Tacky glue

Ribbon of your choice (Here is an example)

Scrapbooking tags or scrapbooking paper (cut into dicuts) 


Self-adhesive velcro


Summer Fun Week 3: Crafting Mixed Media Masterpieces

Here is a perfect way to repurpose empty egg cartons. Andrea Atwater shows us how to create this Mod Podge Rocks project.

Project Steps:

1. Paint your canvas with several coats of a color of your choice.

2. Cut up your egg carton so each egg spot will be a flower bud. Cut down the middle of the carton and trim the excess areas. You can trim each egg carton spot (flower) to have petals. The rest of the egg carton can be used to hold the paint.

3. Paint the egg carton flowers with several coats of colors of your choice. Let dry.

4. Once the flowers are dry, coat with Sparkle Mod Podge. Extra coats will provide more sparkle.

5. Trim the pipe cleaners to the correct length for the stems. Tie them together and glue the "bouquet" to the canvas with craft glue.

6. Add a button to each flower to resemble a bud. Glue the flowers to the canvas. Let dry before hanging.


Materials Used:

9'' x 12'' Canvas

Egg carton (not foam)

Americana acrylic paint

Mod Podge Sparkle

Pipe cleaners (green)

Ribbon (coordinating color)

Buttons (white suggested)

Craft glue



Summer Fun Week 2: Lounge at the Beach with Crab Cups

Are you taking a beach vacation this summer? These crafty critters can take the journey down to the shore with you. Andrea Atwood shows us how.


Project Steps:

1. Prepare your cups by cutting off about an inch and a half off the top. Paint the outside of the cups (might require 2 coats).

2. Cut a beige colored pipe cleaner into 5 equal pieces for the crabs' eyes. Repeat with another pipe cleaner for a total of 10 pieces (enough for 5 crabs). Add a dab of white craft glue to the tip of each pipe cleaner piece to attach a googly eye. Set aside to dry.

3. For the crab forearm claws, cut a pipe cleaner in half. Bend one piece in half. Starting at the bend, twist the pipe cleaner together, leaving the last 3/4-inch open. Bend those two open pieces into a curve to create the claw. Repeat with the other pipe cleaner half. You will get 2 forearm claws from 1 pipe cleaner.

4. For the crab legs, cut 2 more pipe cleaners into 6 equal pieces. You will get 3 pieces from 1 pipe cleaner. Bend the pieces in three places (like the picture) into an S-shape.

5. Use a toothpick to poke 2 holes in the front of the cup and insert the forearm claws. Secure with white glue. Poke 3 more holes in each side of the cup. On each side you will insert the legs, one pointing forward, and the other two poining backward. Secure with white glue.

6. At the top of the cup, directly above the front claw arms, poke 2 holes for the eyes. Add a dab of glue atop the holes and insert the pipe cleaner eyes (with googly eyes on top).

7. Let everything dry before displaying.

Materials Used:

Styrofoam cups

Americana acrylic paints

Pipe cleaners (to match paint colors)

Googly eyes

White craft glue

Paint brushes



Summer Fun Week 1: Celebrate America with Patriotic Pinwheels

Here's a patriotic work of art to get your ready for our nation’s biggest holiday, the 4th of July. Andrea Atwater walks us through the steps.


Project Steps:

1.  Download this pattern template to print. Using card stock, print the blue grid on one side then flip the page over and print the red dots.

2.  Cut a small slit at a 45 degree angle at each corner like this:

3.  Carefully poke a hole in the top of the lollipop stick with a straight pin.

4.  Fold down every other corner of your pinwheel and hold it in place in the center.

5.  Poke a straight pin through the center, being sure to catch all the corners.

6.  Gently tap with the hammer until it is secure, but the pin isn’t going all the way through the lollipop stick.

7.  Glue in place, if you’d like.

Materials Used:

White cardstock for template (or you can use a double sided scrapbook sheet)

Small straight pins with glass heads

Lollipop sticks

Glue (optional)


How to Make a Fabric Flower Bouquet

If you've got a summer wedding coming up, here's a charming way to create a keepsake bouquet in the bride's wedding colors. In the video below, you'll learn how to create one of these tightly wound rosettes. Glue them onto a styrofoam ball, embellish with beads and finish with green felt handle wrapped with silk ribbon.

Materials Used (click on images to go to our store):