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You Won't Strike Out with These Father's Day Gifts

For the dad who loves sports, here's a fun way to customize baseballs with sayings or photos printed on Craft Attitude film. This application works great on new baseballs or used ones for a more antique look. 

Product steps:

  1. Print your image to size. It the image contains words, print it in reverse
  2. Apply plenty of glue with a gluestick to the ball and rub it in
  3. Place your image print side down and apply to the glue on the ball (you will need to pull the edges of the film since it’s a curved surface)
  4. Trim with a cutting knife
  5. Rub out any wrinkles

If you'd like to give Dad the ultimate compliment, download this free printable. You can add a child's name before printing in referse. 

You can use the same process to decorate a clipboard or nearly any other surface.

Get Greater Detail with Tee Juice Fabric Markers

Want to create great artwork on fabric like this? Check out this video from Tee Juice Fabric Art Markers.

Click on these images to find them in the Craft Attitude super store:

Broad line markers

Medium point markers

Iron-ons and marker set

Mickey-Inspired Autograph Book

Are you headed to Disney or concerts this year? Kids will want a handy autograph book to get signatures from all of their favorites! Andrea Atwater shows us how to make this adorable keepsake they'll want to keep forever.

Project steps:

1) Use masking or painters tape to mask off just over a half of the bottom of the book cover. Wrap the tape around to the insides of the covers and go all the way around the book. Make sure the tape is stuck to the cover all the way in so there's no bleeding through or leaking in the spine area.


2) Use a foam brush to paint the bottom half of the book red. It will take many light coats, but the paint dries fast. I used a blow dryer a bit to speed up the process. You won't see the lines that show in the painting steps. Just make sure you are even spreading the paint.


3) Let the red paint dry enough to pull the tape off. Then make sure you give the red a lot more to dry time or let the hair dryer help this. You will need to put another strip of tape over the red, so if it's not dry, you will pull off chips of the paint.

4) If you are using a white book, paint the top of the cover black and let dry also. You may need to touch up and bleeding, so be sure to have a nice fine brush.


5) Hot glue the buttons right on the cover as you can see. 

Materials used: 

Small sketchbook with white cover (if you can find a black book, that's fine, but it takes more paint to cover).

Red acrylic paint

Black acrylic paint

White buttons


Masking tape

Clear sealer

Free crochet Pattern: Tiny Little Flower Hair Clip

Here's a quick project and free pattern for a perfect, simple flower hair clip for the little ladies in your life, shared by the talented Lauren Brown.


Ch 2

Round 1: 5 sc into first ch. Pull tail to tighten.

Round 2: sl st in top of first SC. *ch 2. dc, hdc, sl st* into each stitch around. You will have a total of five little petals. Cut yarn and weave ends. Sew a button or jewel to the center of the flower and it’s finished!

Now that you've finished, all you need is a lined alligator clip. Use a hot glue gun to attach the flowers to alligator clips. 

Materials used:

Size F crochet hook (various sizes can be used to achieve different size flowers)

Worsted weight yarn (cotton or acrylic will work fine)

Small amounts of ribbon

alligator clips

Small buttons or jewels for center of flower

Earrings in a Flash with Candie Cooper

Designer Candie Cooper takes us to Jewel School with a tutorial on making some super-fast dangling earrings. Check out the video below to learn how you can make your own: 

Materials used:

Beadalon pliers and other supplies

Jump rings

Craft hammers

Flawless Felt Floral Greeting Card

Even if you don't crochet or sew, you can make this adorable needlefelted greeting card with the help of Lisa Fulmer. Just check out the how-to video below.

Materials used:

Wool felt
Rotary cutter
Embroidery floss
Needle felting brush
Needle felting punch needle
Fuzzy yarn
Glitter glue
Clear beads
Double stick sheets