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#ThrowbackThursday Bloom Box

Here's some throwback inspiration from "Style With a Smile" star Jonathan Fong. If you've got an old boombox lying around, why not turn it into a bloom box by spray painting it pink and gluing on some cheery flowers in a variety of colors? Use any variety of florals you like. Here are some options to get you started: Botanica in teal and yellow and purple.

Pom Pom Wreath

We love the retro look of this fall-inspired pom pom wreath that's easily put together with yarn and a straw wreath. To make the pom poms, wrap yarn around two, three or four fingers (depending on how large you want the pom pom). Slide the yarn off your fingers, and use a 6-inch long piece of yarn to tie around the center of the looped yarn. 

Use scissors to cut the looped ends and fluff out and trim the pom pom until you're satisfied with it.


Use the longer yarn that you tied the pom pom together with to tie the finished pom pom to the wreath. Continue making pom poms until you're happy with the fullness of the finished wreath. The wreath pictured above was made with 25 pom poms. 

Art Retreat at the Lake Shows Its Attitude

We were happy to provide packets of Craft Attitude film to the three-day Art Retreat at the Lake in Mayville, NY, held in mid-September. The retreat was led by Lisa Calarie, as well as art instructors Shannon Crandall and Cathy C. Strate, who taught media/painting, Gelli plate printing, collage painting on canvas and hammered metal jewelry making. 

"No one had used the film before so it was a new experience for us all," Lisa tells us. "Personally, I think it could become addictive." 

Lisa says the retreat went so well that she's planning it again next year, and will even add an additional day. Here are some photos of the fun the attendees had during their time on the lake:


Hey Stitchers: Save on the Deborah Norville Collection

There's the beginning of a chill in the air, and that can only mean one thing: It's time to get those knitting and crochet projects in the works. 

Here at Craft Attitude, we're proud to carry the Deborah Norville Collection of yarns and needles. To kick off stitching season, we're offering 40% off all Deborah Norville Collection products, which you can find HERE. Please use coupon code DEBORAH40 at checkout.

In the video below, Deborah highlights some of the most popular yarn varieties, including jewel tones, cuddle fleece, sock and chunky yarns as well as the solid worsted yarns.

She also introduces the needle collection, created from Vermont birch wood that's dyed three times and, as she says, "milled to perfection." We think you'll be inspired to get started on those mittens, sweaters and afghans. In fact, please share pictures of your projects with us and our community on Facebook!

Make Your Own Cupcake Wrappers

The cupcake trend doesn't seem to be losing any steam, at least not as far as we're concerned! One way to give your next batch a special twist is to make custom cupcake wrappers. Your creativity can be as varied as your cupcake flavors. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Transform a paper doily. For a dainty twist, simply take a paper doily and cut it in half. Bring the ends together to create the perfect cupcake shape. Attach a small piece of tape to hold it together. Click HERE for a variety of doily sizes in our products section.

Designer paper sheets. You'll find hundreds of patterns and themes of specialty papers to choose from HERE. Simply cut the paper into the cupcake wrapper shape and tape it together. Don't stop there! Add some embellishments like sweet flower appliques or beads.

Free Printables. The blog Food Art Party has a bunch of cupcake wrappers you can download (be sure to click on the image first to get the full size). Go HERE for the downloadables.

Personalize with Craft Attitude film. Print your own personal messages or names on each cupcake wrapper by using Craft Attitude film. You can add the Craft Attitude message onto any of the above ideas. Go HERE to find Scrapbooking Attitude, which is perfect for this project.  

Now that you have a beautiful batch of cupcakes, don't forget a stand to showcase them. We've pictured just three options below, but you can find cupcake stands for any occasion by clicking HERE.



Craft Fairs Galore!

Are a crafter looking to sell your work or just a lover of good art projects? We've found a few great websites for you to check out. puts out a call for artists all year long and around the country. Go HERE for all the details. 

If you'd like to see what craft fairs are coming to your area, go HERE for tons of 2014 and 2015 fairs. The page is regularly updated with new additions.

If you can't find your area on that list, click HERE for another option with even more upcoming craft fairs.

With the holidays coming up, you can't get too much inspiration!

(Photo: Downtown Naples New Year's Art Fair)

6 Fall Projects with Free Printables

If you need a little headstart on your Fall decorating projects, we found six super cute ideas with free printables that you can download and use on their own or with Craft Attitude film (just be sure to print them in reverse if they have words on them and you're using Craft Attitude).

This first one comes from Moritz Fine Designs' blog along with a handful of other free printables that celebrate Fall's rich colors.

Here's a spirited way to display your soda bottles for a Halloween party; printables from Cruz & Christina's blog:

Looking for a kid's project? This "stained glass" leaf project on our Projects page is super easy for little fingers. To print the outlines, go to Craft Jr's page here.

For a spooky way to welcome trick-or-treaters, create this fun door hanger from the Cheltenham Road blog:

Fill treat bags with sweet snackables and top with a super cute Fall tag, like this one from the Love the Day blog.

Give your kids a way to track just how many days are left until Halloween with Live Love Rowe's adorable countdown printable:

Quick Candle Makeovers

Want to give that plain glass candleholder a quick and easy makeover? Here's a fun project that will give your crafty self some instant gratification. 

We chose a burlap-patterened duct tape for a pretty, rustic look, but feel free to find your own or raid your kids' duct tape collection for all sorts of creative ideas. Simply trim off a bit of the tape and carefully wrap it around the glass container. For best results, cut the tape the exact length of the container's circumference so that the ends do not overlap. And that's it! You've get a fresh, new look for your candle!

Here are just a few of our favorite patterns, but you can find lots of other options, just click here.


Making the Rounds: Perfecting the Polka Dot

There’s nothing quite as cheery as a polka dot pattern. Whether they’re small, large or a mixture of all different sizes, they add a certain sense of fun that’s hard to deny. Getting the perfectly circular dot can be a challenge, though, right? There are many ways to add dots and spots to you work. Here are several great tools:

Give your scrapbook projects a little extra sass with a polka dot Edge Punch from EK Success. The edge design is 2 inches wide by 1 inch deep for each punch. 

Get your polka party started with this 12-by-12-inch Prima Elementals stencil to create a variety of dot patterns. Use a small stencil brush to get into those tiny holes. 

Perfectly round spouncers come in lots of sizes and are a great tool for painting your dots. Just be sure to get an even amount of paint on the end of, then place it on the surface flat. Give it a very little wiggle to the right and left before lifting it straight up and off the canvas. 

A dauber, like this jumbo one from Tsukineko, is helpful to apply inks and dyes to your projects. You’ll want to experiment to get just the right look. 

Here’s a nifty way to create a polka dot texture without poking holes – a 5-inch-by-7-inch embossing folder by Provo Craft. It’s made to work with the Cuttlebug Die Cutting System, but works with most die-cutting machines.

Don’t forget the multitude of unlikely tools you already have that can make dot-making a cinch. Like this handy Martha Steward stylus for tiny dots. Other great options: a pencil eraser, a toothpick and the end of your paintbrush. You can make larger holes by outlining the top or bottom of a glass or roll of painters tape.

Do you have other polka dot short cuts? Share them with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

Kids Corner: ‘Stained Glass’ Leaves Project

You’re sure to fall for these sweet autumn leaves and their “stained-glass” look. Little fingers can help with tearing the tissue into tiny bits and pressing them into the glue.

1. Tear the tissue paper into small pieces. Tissue papers go a long way, so you won't need much, so save the rest for another project.
2. Print out or draw your own template of fall leaves. Click here for the printables pictured below.

3. Lay out the wax paper, approximately 20 inches long.
4. Spread a thin layer of glue and use the popsicle stick to spread using only half of the sheet.

5. Lay the tissue paper one at a time on the glue making a nice stained glass look. I like a lot of mixed colors.

6. Fold the wax paper over and press down and let dry.

7. Cut the leaves out and either use the colored papers as a border or just have them shaped in leaves.

So much fun for school projects and even at home on a rainy day.

The supplies you’ll need:

Tissue Paper (fall colors)
School glue
Waxed paper
Popsicle sticks to spread the glue
Fall Leaves Template (or you can draw your own)
Craft knife (to cut out the border center)
Paper (Fall colors)