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Whip Up Some Festive NYE Hats

When just any ol' party hat won't do, gather up some of your leftover craft supplies (or grab some new ones), like glitter paint, party hats, white feathers, snowflake embellishments and some rhinestone trim

Make a fancy hat to match your outfit, or give the kids some glue and let them go to town with some colorful embellishments of their choice. Makes for a great birthday party craft activity, too!

Give Your New Year's Eve Party a Personal Touch

We were super inspired by the creative folks over at Lily & Val and decided to make all these cute New Year's Eve crafts using free printables. Here's how we did it:

1. Print out the free template
2. Cut out the images
3. Use a glue stick to apply to the bottom of the kisses candy
4. Repeat for the bottles and confetti (we added the names to personalize the party)


Happy New Year!

Throwing a Party? Avoid These 4 Disasters

So, you've decided to host the big party this year, and invite everyone to ring in the New Year at your place. You brave soul. Here are four tips to help you avoid some of the most common party pitfalls:

1. Make a planning countdown. You can do a lot of party planning ahead of time, like picking out your outfit, setting up decorations, buying booze, cleaning the silver, etc. That way, you won't leave everything to the day-of, and you won't come up short on time if you have to deal with any unforseen issues. There's nothing worse than being so busy during your own party that you can't enjoy it. Check out this great countdown example from Real Simple.

2. Deal with unwanted guests early. When you start inviting people, do not leave any questions unanswered. If you don't want a certain guest's friend attending, make it clear that only the guest is invited, not his or her "plus one." Be upfront and honest if your budget cannot accommodate or if you're simply avoiding potential drama, but do it early. There's nothing more awkward than a guest having to uninvite his or her friend.

3. Get the party started. We've all been to those uncomfortable events where the party just doesn't feel very festive. Turn on some upbeat dance music and be sure you've introduced people. When you do so, tell them a little piece of trivia about one another that could spark interest ... or at least their curiosity. You may also want to place some simple board games on a table or maybe some conversation starter prompts on index cards to get them talking.

4. Be the responsible one. You can probably guess which of your guests will party too hard at your soirée. Have a plan to hold all guests' keys when they arrive; have a room available if they need to sleep it off and stop pouring drinks if needed. Although you might be annoyed by their behavior, try to be extra accommodating so they don't get upset and try to leave.

Brighten Up Your Room with Tech Attitude

Here's a quick-and-easy way to give any room an instant update: Just print the design of your choice onto Tech Attitude, then trim, peel and stick it wherever you'd like a boost of color, like we've done with these daisies. 

Tech Attitude works on nearly any hard surface, and it'll stay in place until you decide to move it. It's completely repositionable and won't damage your wall.

As the name implies, you can also use it on any of your tech items, like your smart phone or tablet. So get busy and show us what you can decorate with Tech Attitude!


Holiday Portrait: Craft Attitude on Linen

To create a authentic portrait look on linen, try printing a photograph on Craft Attitude film, then adhere it to linen canvas. As you can see below, the film is a translucent skin that becomes a part of whatever you adhere it to. 


Craft Attitude will take on the texture of textured, metallic, pattern or handmade paper, canvas, fabric, metal, rocks, stones, tile, wood, glass, bricks, shoes, candles and more.

What have you created with Craft Attitude film? We'd love to see!

Make a Kneeling Cushion for the Gardener in Your Life

Our UK friends over at RedShed always come up with the most clever and handy ideas. They recently shared a great project, a kneeling cushion, with us. Check out the how-to video below with super crafter Debbie Shore. What a great gift idea and excellent way to use old pillows.


Kids Corner: Paper Straw Christmas Projects

Here are two projects, one for the kids and one for you, using red-and-white striped paper straws to create candy cane-inspired crafts.

Paper Straw Snowflakes

- Cut two 1 1/2" circles from white cardstock.

- Cut straws into 2 1/2" lengths (8 or 10 straws are needed for each snowflake).

- Cut a 1/4" section of straw.

- Glue the 1/4" straw in the center of the cardstock circle. 

- Glue straw pieces around small straw center as shown.

- Finish by gluing a wooden or other circle embellishment.

TIP: Use these snowflakes for present toppers.

Materials needed:

Paper Straws
White cardstock
Circle paper punch or scissors to cut circles
Wood buttons or any other round embellishment
Glue gun or white craft glue


Starburst Paper Straw Wreath

- Cut 50 of the 120 straws to 6 1/2″ and leave the rest of the straws at their full length. 

- Wrap a foam wreath form with white or grey ribbon. The form can rub off and get a bit messy, so you will want to cover it.

- Apply a dab of hot glue near the center of the wreath form. Adhere a full length straw so that the end is flush with the center edge of the wreath form, then continue gluing and affixing straws, alternating short straws with long ones until the wreath form is completely covered. 


- Once you have the first layer down, you can start with the second layer with the straws affixed in between each of the first layer.

- Tie a bow with ribbon of your choice and glue in place. 

TO HANG: Glue a small loop of matching ribbon to the back of the wreath form.

Materials needed:

- Small foam wreath form 
- Approximately 120 red stripe paper straws 
- Satin ribbon for bow (optional)
- Satin ribbon for wreath wrapping 
- Hot glue gun & glue sticks 
- Scissors 
- Ruler

Oh Baby! Just Look at These Crochet Projects!

Holy holiday cuteness! We've recently discovered Jessica Veara of Dandified, who is new to our crafting community! Jessica, an uber-talented crochet artist, as you can plainly see, was gracious enough to share some of her recent projects with us. You can find even more on her Facebook page as well as information about ordering custom designs and patterns. But be warned: You may become overwelmed by the adorableness, like we were!

Jessica has partnered with some amazing photographers, including Lambs and Lullabies Photography, who photographed the snowman beanie, shown above left, and Abba Color Photography, who captured the teeny tiny Santa, above right. In the middle are a few other designs Jessica has made. 

Crocheting beautiful baby items starts with a great idea, a precious patter and, of course, the right yarn. Here are just a few selections from the Craft Attitude super store that are ideal for these types of projects, if you're inspired by Jessica like we are.


School Shoes with Plenty of Attitude

Anyone who has ever had to wear a uniform to school knows that one of the best ways to show some style is with your shoes. Fashionable mom McCall Pinnell and her daughter dreamed up the idea of having shoes and headbands that matched the school uniform. The idea was such a success, that friends starting requesting them. And soon, the online shop Maclaren's Closet was born. 

We thought this was such a stellar, stylish idea, we wanted to share it with everyone in our crafting community! Just look how cute the different designs have turned out. McCall has even started customizing American Doll shoes, too. Check out the company's Facebook page for details and updates.

"We chose the name Maclaren’s Closet because of her creative influence and the strength of her inspiration to help me reach toward my goals," McCall said on her website. "Maclaren’s Closet brand will sell a lifestyle image of sophistication, class and taste with a preppy look for children attending private schools."



#MixedMediaMonday Romantic Vintage Décor

Craft Attitude pro Anne Grbic turned a basic gesso board into a romantic vintage art piece using Craft Attitude film and crackle paste to give it an aged look. She applied the crackle to the board, then adhered the rose image, which was printed on Craft Attitude film. She then applied a layer of pearl glaze to give it a pretty sheen.

She finished the piece off with some lace, pearls and other embellishments, and placed it all on a decorated MDF plaque.

This close-up image shows how the rose printed on Craft Attitude film conforms to the crackled surface:


Materials used: 

5 x 7 Gesso or Chipboard 

7.5 x 10.5 MDF Board for background

Gold Crackle Texture Paste

Deco Art Antiquing Cream

Craft Attitude film

Various Adhesives

Mod Podge Pearl Glaze or Diamond Glaze


Lace and ribbon