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7 Days of Ornaments: Day 2

Personalize Christmas ornaments and give them a nostalgic feel with black-and-white photos. 


Simply print your images to size on a Craft Attitude sheet in reverse. Use a glue stick and apply completely on the raw ceramic ornament. Peel, flip and apply the Craft Attitude film image on the ornament and trim with a cutting tool around the edges  (you can readjust the image). Add a ribbon or twine and hang on your tree!

You can also watch a quick video on how to make these ornaments, too, just click here.

7 Days of Ornaments: Day 1

Create beautiful colors in clear round ornaments with Airondack alcohol inks. Pour drops of an ink inside the ornaments and swirl it around. To quick dry the ink, use compressed air-in-a-can after each color. Repeat with any other colors you desire. No two ornaments will look the same!


Use the end of a paint brush to help swirl the ink inside the ornament.


transparent glass stain works well with this project and comes in a variety of colors. 

Frame Your Halloween Memories

If you're like us, you probably took tons of cute, creepy and downright scary Halloween pictures this year. Mixed-media artist Einat Kessler designed this adorably spooky frame that's the perfect spot to show off all your favorite princesses, ghouls and goblins.

Materials needed:

Wooden frame
Patterned Papers
Black twine
Photo/sticker or embellishment of skeleton 
Chandelier embellishment
Letter stickers
Distress ink
Craft knife


1 - Cover frame with torn pieces of patterned paper.
2 - Ink a chandelier embellishment and add to the top part of the frame.
3 - Cut pieces of black twine and glue to the frame in a shape of a spider's web. Tie one end of the web to the chandelier.
4 - Add a skeleton to the bottom of the frame. If you use a photo cut out the image first before adding to the frame.
5 - Layer different sizes of flowers and add to frame.
6 - Spell the word BOO! on a tag with letter stickers. Add the tag to the frame.

DIY Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Remember these? Pick pine cones off the ground or buy packaged pine cones, some glue and a variety of mini pom poms, and you're ready to go! A great throwback idea for today's kids to make.

Materials needed:

Pine cones

Pom poms


Cupcake + Mason Jar = The Perfect Gift

If there are two things we all love these days, they are cupcakes and mason jars. So why not put the two together? Whether you buy or bake the cupcake yourself, simply place it on the inside of a jar lid and, holding the jar upside down, carefully slide it over the cupcake and twist the jar into the lid. And viola! Instant gift that anyone will love. And the recipient can reuse the jar, too. Double the love!

If you're looking for the perfect-sized mason jar with a wide-mouth lid, we have this one available in our store, sold in packs of four:

And if you're looking for some new recipes and inspiration, here's a book to try, too:

Organize Your Crafting Clutter!

Do you or someone you love have a craft and hobby clutter problem? We certainly understand. The worst issue, other than looking messy, is not being able to find what you need when you need it. Here are a few tips for keeping your clutter under control:

Think singularly. If your issue is that you have stuff spread out everywhere, dedicate a single space for craft supplies. Or if you're into multiple crafts, dedicate one area for each hobby. For instance, one cabinet for painting supplies, one drawer for stitching kits and one shelf for jewelry making ... you get the picture.

Use your wall space. A peg board and simple shelving will go a long way to utlize otherwise blank walls. An oversized bulletin board can serve as an inspiration board. 

"See through" the clutter. Consider clear, stackable storage boxes to pack away craft items of all sorts. The clear plastic makes finding your favorite ribbon or fabric much easier. We like this "Stow & Go" Storage Bin that you can pack away or take along with you:

Everything in its place. Save egg cartons, glass jars and other containers you might otherwise toss out as handy ways to keep track of tiny craft embellishments, buttons, sequins and the like. You can even take an old muffin tin, paint it a cute color, and use it to separate beads, jump rings and clasps. This bead organizer with individual screw-top lids is a lifesaver:

Nothing scrappy about this tote. How cute is this scrapbook organizer? There's a dedicated space for every pen, scissors, stamp and scrap of paper, which makes it perfect for your next scrapbooking party.

Kids Corner: Popsicle Halloween Fun

With a package of popsicle sticks, some paint, gule and a few embellishments, your kids will have a blast creating a variety of silly, spooky Halloween characters. Here's a quick how-to:

Line up popsicle sticks to create the width of your character (fewer for monsters, more for pumpkins) and glue another popsicle stick placed horizontally across them. Or use several to create a spider effect.


Let the creativity fly with lots of paint options!

Twist small floral wire into a loop, poking it through the top of a foam sheet. Cover the sheet with glue and adhere it to the back of the dried project to help hold it all together.


They'll love showing off their work!

Materials needed:

Popsicle craft sticks


Floral Wire

Foam Sheet

Googly eyes

Orange, yellow, black and green paints


Now Available: Tech and Locker Attitude!

If you've gotten crafty with Scrapbooking, Decor or Jewelry Attitude, you're going to love Locker Attitude and Tech Attitude! These two products are now available to purchase on our site.

These Craft Attitude products are different from others in that they are self-adhesive, so there's no need for a glue stick or spray adhesive to get them to stick. You also do not need to print images with words in reverse as you do with other Craft Attitude products. Simply print your image with an injet printer, peel off the backing and stick your design wherever you'd like. 

Another bonus: If you stick your Tech or Locker Attitude somewhere and change your mind, it's easily repositionable. And unlike duct tape, if it happens to fold over and stick to itself -- heck, even if you wad it up in a ball -- you'll be able to easily unstick it from itself, and it will return to its normal shape. And whatever you choose to stick the print on will not be damaged, so it won't peel paint off of a locker or wall, for example. 

Teens will love to take all their selfies and stick them to their computers, phones, lockers, walls or wherever else you'll let them. Here are a few fun designs to get your creativity going. Have fun, and be sure to share your projects with our crafting community on our Facebook page so we can see your attitude!


Spooky, Yummy Mummies!

For a Halloween party or just to have some fun with the kids, make these meatball-and-dough-wrapped Mummy treats! The kids can help with quite a few of the steps. 

First, preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Use an uncooked spaghetti noodle to skewer three precooked meatballs (this is just to hold the meatballs in place ... you'll remove it later). If using frozen meatballs, allow them to thaw just a little so they'll be easier to skewer. (One bag of frozen meatballs made nine mummies.)


We used a tube of Pillsbury pizza dough that is already rolled up, and we sliced small portions, up to about a half an inch thick. Unwind the dough to make long strings and wrap it somewhat haphazardly around the meatballs to create a "mummy" look, but be sure to wrap the meatballs together (we had a few that didn’t get wrapped enough, as you can see). Leave an opening where the eyes will go.

Place them on parchment paper on a cookie sheet, carefully remove the spaghetti noodle and bake in 350-degree oven for about 22-24 minutes (check regularly to see how the dough is cooking – thinner strands may cook faster).


While they’re cooking, you can make eyes by thinly slicing mozzarella cheese and poking holes out with a straw. If you’re ambitious, use a very small straw to make black pupils using olives, and poke those into the whites of the eyes.


While they’re still hot, place the eyes on meatball. The heat will help the cheese melt and stick in place. Serve with marinara sauce!

Craft Your Stash ... and More Fun from Lisa Fulmer

We're happy to pass along some great news for one of our fave craft bloggers, Lisa Fulmer, whose book "Craft Your Stash" was released this month and is doing really well. It's available to purchase right HERE on! Lisa helps crafters take all those little leftover bits and turn them into something really special. There are 19 projects included that use up paper, fabric, paints, rub-ons, stamps, ribbon, glitter and lots more.

Lisa is also a Craft Attitude film pro, as she shows us below. This art panel was made in just a few minutes using a Smoothfoam square, some ink and a Picasso quote printed (in reverse) on Craft Attitude film, which was then glued print-side down. Both the ink and the film pick up the foam's texture to create a neat art piece. Read more on Lisa's blog HERE.

Materials Needed: 



Smoothfoam 12x12 Sheet


ColorBox ink in pistachio


ColorBox ink in heliotrope