What is Craft Attitude?

Craft Attitude allows a printed image or design to be molecularly bonded to just about any surface imaginable. It’s not a sticker or transfer paper -- the image actually becomes part of the surface it is applied to.

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Craft Attitude began with a simple problem:

How to apply patterns or designs to leather without getting that plasticky “pleather” look and feel? Printing directly on leather doesn’t work. The inkjet printing process demands that the surface being printed on is flat through the printer. Cow rear ends are anything but flat. You could print onto polyurethane and apply that to the leather, but if you’ve ever touched pleather you know why this isn’t ideal. 

Then our super-smart people in Milwaukee had a breakthrough: apply a layer of inkjet coating directly to a piece of paper. This could then be fed through a regular inkjet printer and applied to leather with adhesive. After a little bit of chemistry (and whole lot of testing different kinds of glues), we had the very first prototype of Craft Attitude. 

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About Craft Attitude

What's Craft Attitude?

Plain old paper

Nano-particle surface

Inkjet coating
Craft Attitude isn’t transfer paper. It’s a new, patented technology that allows your printed inkjet image to be separated from its original paper carrier and become part of a new surface when applied.
Brilliant! So brilliant, in fact, that we couldn’t help but wonder… What else could you do with this stuff? We turned to the most reliable group for crowdsourcing: moms & kids! And they didn’t disappoint! Jewelry, clothing, sneakers, greeting cards and stationery, picture frames and even quilt pieces -- all with Attitude!
We were pretty sure we were onto something big. We took our new Craft Attitude prototype to the 2011 Winter CHA show to see how crafters would respond. We sure felt the love when Craft Attitude was awarded Most Innovative Product of the Year!
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